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  1. Elon Musk Fans Come On!!!???
    Give us a thumbs up and Subscribe… We Will Toast Jeff!??
    3 Days ago
    Jeff: SpaceX can't Even Demonstrate starship landing.
    Elon Yesterday: See this baby!??

  2. Jeff Bezos is a little poutty punk btch, hating on Elon Musk and his world-changing innovations across numerous industries. Sit down Bezos and make sure my packages arrive on time. Leave the rocket science to the geniuses????????????????

  3. What does Blue Origin making it to orbit have todo with the lander? Aren’t they using a ULA rocket to get to lunar orbit?

    I’m not a fan of Bezos or his rocket company, but he has been demonstrating his lander technology with the New Shepherd rocket for several years.

  4. I believe Jeff Bezos is not realizing his opportunity the ship he designed or his company design is a lemon what they're going to need is a smaller Starship about 1/3 1/4 the size if he does that he's in the ballgame

  5. I think the biggest issue here is definitely Elon musk versus Jeff Bezos Bezos his intentions are benefitting himself and no one else think of him as an amusement park ride pay your admission to see the world from the atmosphere Elon musk has no intentions of doing this for profit he is doing this for man kind and reaping the benefits of saving human civilization for what is about to come and don’t get me wrong it’s coming a lot quicker than you think I would not hand such an important mission in life to just anyone unless they have proven themselves space ex has done more than proven themselves over the years this literally just put a Staple in all of nasas decisions but will they decide the right choice it doesn’t matter as much as Elon would admire their support there is no stopping his success and his future achievement with saving what we have left of civilization good for you musk !!!!! You deserve this and we all know that

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