Sierra Space Inside Info!! Dreamchaser, Orbital Reef, Blue Origin, ESA and more from VP John Roth!


We get all of the details about the most ambitious LEO space station in history, and the latest on Dreamchaser!! PLUS…some tough questions are answered!!

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  1. Hey Jordan, congrats on this very informative video. This is the type of content that seperates the men from the boys and the reason your channel is Tops!

  2. Most of the media droned on about past events today. You kept us focused on the future. Bravo, Jordan, bravo.

  3. I love Dreamchaser and the idea of the Orbital Reef, but when you asked why Blue Origin was their partner I thought the answer was telling. Vision…ok, I can see that but that won't put anything into orbit. Second was resources…or, I'm reading between the lines here, MONEY. Basically, BO bought their way in. Unfortunately, I think BO will end up sinking the whole project. You can't buy your way into space unfortunately.

  4. Love your Mr. Spock ears! Wow, who'd have thunk, a Martian in our midst doing journalism. Sweet!

  5. I really hope this is not another dream company to founder on the reef of Jeff Bezos and BO

  6. IF the Dream Chaser is manned HOW is the crew loaded if a fairing is used? Go up without a fairing? Can the Dream Chaser take the pressure? Just asking.

  7. Why do all these companies leave space junk in space. Will these guys make sure the ejected parts will go to reentry and burn up

  8. Great interview Jordan! I think Sierra are going to surprise a lot of people in the future.

  9. Just love the way it looks landing. Please debark to the left, thanks for flying everyday spacelines.

  10. Great no nonsense questions during a very informative interview for us viewers and Sierra
    Space. Way to go Angry!

  11. It would be great to see this interview aboard at least mockup of Dreamchaser, but I'm happy about this anyway, thank you, Angry Astronaut. I wish Sierra Space to succeed in what they do and have other partners as well, hope Blue Origin and Boeing do not let Sierra Space down, although I'm sceptical about these two partners of Sierra Space. And although Axiom Space and Sierra Space have different visions for commercial space station, I think they could actually collaborate together, then there would be results.

  12. On YouTube there are 10-year-old videos with treamcheaser, where it is claimed in the same year you will fly into space! In this video again the question when? The answer is cryptic and it will be stated at the end of the year if you know only a little about it means that there will be no withdrawal this year either! So why all these fantasies???

  13. I'm not sure how dream chaser is legally going to launch on an Atlas 5. Congress has limited use to national security payloads only.

  14. Great interview! We really need this to compete with China's ambitions. I hope Sierra get the Dreamchaser and their habitat into service, they're so innovative and efficient.

  15. Sierra engineering is on track! Let's hope Jeff besos doesn,t sabotage this project! For over fifty years space pundits have discussed commercial use of space. Let's hope sierra can do it!!!!!!!……

  16. AmI the only one who heard John say;
    "No space mission with people has ever come anywhere , except back to the United States"

    Am I missing something here, or does John not think Roscosmos and the CMSA exist?

  17. I wish they have gone with another company besides Blue Origin since they dont keep their deadlines.

  18. Great interview Jordan, it's rare to to listen to an interviewer ask a question and then shut the f#@£ up. Nice work. 👍 😎

  19. A.A. awesome interview and I applaud John Roth for answering without hesitation those tough questions 👏👏

  20. Oh, this is a surprise. Doing interviews with Sierra! We need that space station and that space plane. Or I will rant, until the universe explodes! Stay angry my fellows!


  21. Fantastic interview Jordan 👍 great content. Lets hope Blue Origin get there act together. Excited for Sierra though.

  22. Absolutely banging intro music, every time it gets me dancing in my seat, with a smile on my face, and as I'm wearing headphones, the wife thinks I'm nuts…

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