Shootin Crypto Intro – The Metaverse and Starlink $Starl Possible 100x from here


Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, and the Metaverse all while watching LucieFuuuur raise havoc with my VR80. Learn about Starlink and why I believe it to be the largest sleeper alt coin. Not financial advice.

  1. U so right the big youtubers sent mentioning this thang but they will soon and PAMP IT! Great video

  2. My STARL account was at 1333.76 this morning around 9am…… It’s at 1596 and change just about 3 hours later. He’s right about this crypto…… It’s only just begun. To move.

  3. Guns……. AND crypto, strangely it all makes sense to me. Oh….. and my brother just bought a VR80 pretty fun and it eats all types of ammo without choking……and of course, thanks for the tip bro.

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