Satellite Train Explained By Mr. Narendra Gor &Mr. Divyadarshan Purohit on News 18 Gujarat #StarLink


શું છે Saurashtra ની આકાશી ઘટનાનું સત્ય?જાણો સમગ્ર ભેંદી ઘટનાની સચોટ હકીકત. In today’s generation where internet and network connection are used by most of people. For better connectivity in every corner of world (don’t mind we know that earth is spherical 😅) Elon Musk proposed to use satellite for wider range. From 2019 to now we have 2200+ starlink satellite in low earth orbit. They get attention of everyone when they appear orbiting, Mesmerizing right? but for amateur and professional astronomers have risen concern about it. With increasing numbers of starlink satellites natural beauty of our sky is ruined, space traffic is also increased plus with more satellites there are more possibilities of them colliding or malfunctioning. Share your thoughts with us in comments and share to your friends and let them know about it….

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