Satellite Television Info : How to Find Dish Network Cards

The Dish Network smart cards are found in the satellite receiver box, which plays in integral role in activating the satellite service. Locate the smart card in a receiver box with helpful information from a certified satellite installer in this free video on satellite TV.

Expert: Bill Barney
Bio: Bill Barney has installed more than 3500 satellite dish systems. He and his wife Debbie have owned Community Dish in Pahrump, Nevada, since 2003.
Filmmaker: Lew Gitlin

  1. Sir i have xcruiser 785 andriod 4k STB. So it have viewing card slot. So which card can be used and how please

  2. thanks for the video. I have a dish vip222k receiver in my house and wanting to get one for my camper. when camping will i be able to just move my card from my home to my camper or is that card specific to each receiver?

  3. I had to put him on block.  click on his username ehowTech  then when that screen opens click About.  then when that screen opens click the flag,  and block.   makes it so your never see any of his vids again when you do search.

  4. Thank  you  for  your  expertise,  I  did  what  you  said on  the  video  and   voila !!   it   worked,,  I  am  glad  I  looked into  your   site

  5. Hey I'm planning to buy an Azbox with smart card reader. Will it work with Dish network/Directv smart cards? Thanks!

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