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Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is high-speed internet beamed directly to your home from our satellites in space. This means you can get a fast internet connection where you live – almost anywhere in the United States.

Where is Viasat available?
In all 50 states, covering 98 percent of the U.S. population
In areas where other internet companies offer slower service – or no service at all
Who is Viasat for?
People who live on the edge of urban areas, where other internet options may be too slow
People who have trouble getting fast internet because they live in rural or remote areas
People who want internet and phone service bundled together in one affordable package
Who is Viasat not for?
Very heavy video streamers who want to get all their television and movies via online streaming (and do a lot of it)
People who want to stream 4K video content on a regular basis
Gamers who play fast-twitch games (think first-person shooting, action games, online multi-player)
Why should I get Viasat?
It’s quick. Our 12 Mbps download speeds* are faster than typical DSL or 4G/LTE mobile service. In select areas, you can get up to 25 Mbps speeds – the fastest home satellite internet service ever!
*available in many during off-peak hours
It’s affordable. Your monthly internet service charge won’t go up for at least 3 years – guaranteed. Plus, there are never any automatic overage fees on our residential service.
It’s simple. Installation typically takes just 2-3 hours. Once you’re connected, managing your account is easy with our online portal. .

  1. I've got good news for you. When Starlink is fully implemented it is going to blow your current satellite internet away. Those other satellite internet providers' businesses are going to be finished.

  2. Iam a little late but you can’t say you have 60mbs download and the same tab is loading the whole video the “yahoo mail” tab

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