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  1. I got in very low so I’m still in profit. And i been taking profits out. Now I’m prepared to loose it all or get some gains! I wish safemoon would break ATHs but it’s not looking like that! I give safemoon 4 years before we eat 2 zeros .

  2. Starlink V2 is the new satellite that uses lasers to cross communicate links to get to the earth station .. no drawing conclusions that they are connected it's just that each chose to use the same name. Safemoon as a whole is beginning to be a joke, all Karony does is say he didn't know about this or didn't know about that proving that he's not in control of the organization. Everything is delayed because there is a lack of management and understanding. The project is all about never ending hype ie the constant tweets about things being imminent yet taking weeks if not months to materialize. The keynote that JK did in Malta where he literally said that hype is something that needs to be prolonged or the project will die out. It's not a rug, there is good intention but the overall optics are just crap when everything is always delayed, the consolidation to be more viable to be listed yet other shitcoins get listed all over major exchanges everyday (ie Shiba on Coinbase)… it's just getting old.

  3. If Binance wants to compete with safemoon exchange they will have to list tokenomics tokens.

  4. I think if people took this rumour seriously then the Safemoon price would already be at its previous ATH, buy in the rumour afterall?

  5. after Hank scandal and the ginger and piggy. i doubt if were getting listed on major exchanges not to mention the promises that always delayed

  6. Jeee safemoon v2 have V2 like the sattelite V2, my blender is V2 but it not burning safemoon when i use it, FFF*ck, German army had rocket named V2 – coincidence? So safemoon is nazi german coin? STOP! I love conspiracy theories, but this is overkill. I'd sooner believe in starlink 32 and #safemoon32 theory 😛

  7. Minor issues are turning into a major problem for the look of the PROJECT…they are talking fair and not being emotional, where as at the end of the day they are playing with the lively hood of some and people's MONEY which is a concern based on their bad planning…Example : some one takes your money and then tells you "Oh ima pay you your money back on the 28th, then day comes and they say "On the 29" then day comes and they say" December 1st" …then next week….at end of day the failure of this PROJECT is totally based on holding people's hard earned money hostage in a time of holiday season, 1st of month bills due etc, and no fault of theirs…THE FAILURE TO DELIVER IS IN NO WAY A REASON TO HOLD TRUSTING INVESTORS MONEY…TOTALLY UNETHICAL AND IN NO WAY A REASON TO HOLD TRUSTING INVESTORS MONEY

  8. If any of u is going to make it in crypto, u need to learn to hodl. It is the only way. U must be in here for at least 2-3yrs.

  9. Really hope safemoon makes us rich in the future!!! Holding through the ups and downs!

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