#RVLife Upgrades – Hello MORryde Steps, Hello Starlink Internet!

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Season 4 – 2021 – Episode 19
🕒Recorded on September 28th, 2021
🕒Released on October 1st, 2021

ℹ️About this video:
We finally found a solution to our step problems with some Quick Disconnect MORryde Steps and after almost a year of waiting, we get our Starlink!!!

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  1. Nice job. Love the music choice when running speed test. Can’t wait. So do you have to find a service address every time you move?

  2. The steps look pretty sturdy and the Starlink seems to be worth the hype! Interesting to see how it does in the future! Thanks for the updates!

  3. That’s Awesome. Hopefully starlink will be completely mobile soon. The shirt look great. Great video, Dan!

  4. The installation of the steps was a great mod to the rv. I did not know that style of stairs was available. Thank you for sharing. Peace and Safe Travels.

  5. You’ve achieved what all other RVers want, STARTLINK!! Ha ha. How did you make it happen? -Chris

  6. Consider WAGO connectors instead of wire nuts. Should stay in place longer and make better connections. Yes they cost more, but probably worth it.

  7. I know you hate the devils toilet, but atleast the mood will be perfect for relaxing. 🤣🤣
    Those steps look tougher then the side steps on a semi.

    You are a walking Mr. Fix it handbook, my friend. People need to use your YouTube to solve there maintenance issues in Rvs.

    The starlink looks awesome!!! Let us know how it works in the long term.

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