RV Truth Flat Earth Livestream Podcast #42 – Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Launch W/ William Shatner


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  1. Here is a recent video of Gary Sinise telling about filming "Apollo 13" on the plane used for "weightlessness"… note it is a NASA plane with number 930 on the tail… 9 upside down 6… thus code for "666"… in Freemason code language… @

  2. I posted some videos of the East Coast sun set on the Atlantic Ocean if you can use footage, please feel free to use it my friend. William is a complete Grifter!

  3. Hey bro that s awesome that you are still on you tube . I was following you in 2016 and on till they banned your chanel . Fuckin A man . Super stocked

  4. Need Another Seven Astronots have twins but they never showed up at their respective funerals.

  5. Hey RV, I heard you mention davej a few times. Do you have any of your old video's with him/podcasts available still? or perhaps thought of doing another session? thanks!

  6. That female pilot was from the UAE. You may also want to inquire into which family she comes from. Just like the first Emirati that allegedly went to the ISS, both are from the prominent Al Mansoori family. I know this because I live and teach in the UAE for many years now in the private schools.

  7. I bet "I ate an apple pie" was code for the people in the know.. what William Shatner said when he was asked how he prepared for space.

  8. I really liked Owen Benjamin but it took a little while bc I couldn't get passed the coming from Hollywood.. but he's so likeable and funny and I really ended up really liking him… then I found out bear/bears was one of the pedophile code words and him coming from Hollywood, I just couldn't get passed it again. He calls his followers the bears and that's too much of a coincidence to me.

  9. That Space X Dragon igloo looking thing is sooo ridiculous it's insane! It reminds me of the play igloos at Santa's Land.

  10. Oh man I just saw Jamie (JME) from aplanetruth shared a pic on facebook of an astronaut who left NASA and then became an astroNOT on flippin Star Trek the tv show! You just can't even make this ish up if you tried.

  11. Yeah… Bezoz and his "wife" are as obvious as Bill and Melinda in the switcharoo department

  12. I think he’d be breathing hard, shaking, moving around, hopped up on adrenaline, like being in a car wreck. He’s just standing there pontificating with his hands in his pockets. ACTING! What a joke.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, Brother. 👍🏻🙏🏻Thank you for your Research and Work. I greatly appreciate it. I was also called an ( Auto-Hoaxer ) years ago. “The Truth hurts , Fortunately, The Truth does not care” ! Peace & Love Everyone.

  14. Just a thought, but all those old videos you had, you should put them on a few other of the alternative youtubes, that won't sensor them. Like as a permanent record for future generations. That was some eye opening stuff. Like that video about Kobi and some of those others I remember from way back. Lot of work I'm sure but might be worth it.

  15. Since it looks the the Christian musicians, ministers have sold out as well, how do they maintain, except it's a job, acting? Deception of the masses. I went digging and found they are of royal bloodlines. We can't have two masters.

  16. I wouldn't surprised if they FORCED vaxxxcccxxd him while he was in the hospital for a month. He died of a heart attack after all.

  17. Love your shows rv found flat earth early on through mark sergeant Jesus Christ is Lord KJV yahoo

  18. RV do you have an email? I would love for you to hear my theory about how the moon proves Flat Earth. I would like you to look into my theory. I think a lot of Flat Earthers get the moon wrong, yourself included. My theory is simple but I want to make sure you see it.

  19. Davis Weiss is A total New Ager. It saddens me how many truth seekers are. Still totally deceived!!!

  20. Literal shill factories RV…….factories!!!! Alt media is well over 50% shill factory products…..big shout to those who are true ⚔️⚔️⚔️🚨🚨🚨🚨

  21. RV you slayed em once again with this great livestream ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

  22. Terrible acting by W.S. …… it’s kind of unbelievable how much my reality has changed since beginning to see through the Masonic matrix …… Jesus is who I serve…..the Most High is who I worship 🙏

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