RV Satellite 101

An explanation of how Satellite TV works, from getting the signal to the various parts of a typical setup.

  1. Just bought a 44', I see you have a tag, please let me know how much trouble it is to find campsites while traveling.

  2. Very good explanation. I am researching information on this subject now which is how I found your video. This helped a lot to understand what I need. Thanks very much.

  3. I have a simple mind and often search for the most simple solution to problems. I have “Dish Network “ while at my home and while on the road often receive “Dish Anywhere” on my I-Pad. In my motor home, I have “smart” tvs.. Can I send the programs from my i-pad to my “smart” tv?

  4. An excellent overview to satellite use in general. We used to haul our DirecTv receiver and full size dish with us, those were the days before HD everywhere. Dish setup on one of those metal tripods similar to the one you used. Setting the system up was a bit of a pain, it can be done way easier nowadays. I just ordered the Dish portable antenna with the free Hopper receiver. Looking forward to the more “plug and play” aspect of the newer equipment over those ‘olden days’ of manual setups!

  5. Thanks for the video, I am evaluating whether to get a Playmaker or full size DISH. How long is setup and tear down? Also any special conditions for storage you have implemented?

  6. i did this with my directv box except i had to order a standard HD box separate from my genie and had to install a swm power inserter and blah all that good stuff for my RV
    but luckily todays LNB's is like a 5 in 1 LNB for directv..good video tho..

  7. Thanks for a very informative and easily understood video. Perhaps, you could do a video on aligning your dish after moving from one location to another.

  8. Btw…ordering a 2019 Newmar 3401 soon and want to get the right specials for the build and don't really understand how it is wired. Thanks again I subscribed!

  9. Satellite from roof to “inter-face box” which powers sat dish this is R6 cable?) Also you need a 110 for this or 12v to power?

    Then from inter-face box cable R6 goes to receiver input. Also do you need a 110 or 12v to power receiver?

    Then receiver output then connects to RV internal wiring (cable or HDMI)

    Then where does the cable or HDMI from the output receiver go? To a (cable or HDMI) splitter…what kind of splitter is it 2, 3 or 4 way…or does the HDMI just go directly to each TV from the receiver? (Is it better to pre-wire on a new build for BOTH HDMI and Cable to each TV?) Is the splitter powered if so by what?

    OTA antenna……how does that connect to the TVs? Is that powered?

    Campground cable……how does that connect to the TVs?

    Is there a TV inter-face of some kind that connects all 3 TV systems….sat, OTA and park cable to the TV or are they separate?

    Which Dish Receiver has one tuner (1 channel on all TVs OK not interested in recording) but has at least 2 HDMI outputs? I am thinking about the Molbey so I can use it in the house and just take take it in the rv when on the road. Any suggestions?

    Finally, as to the sat system….what is your opinion and experience …..is it better to get the dome (fixed or in motion) or open face system? Will be in national forests, campgrounds and BLM boondocking.


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