Russia Announces War Against Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites, Accepts Attack On Moskva Warship


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Russia has accepted that its missile cruiser Moskva was attacked by Ukrainian forces. Even as the warship sunk in the waters of the Black sea, Moscow had continued to claim that the arsenal on board was due to an explosion in ammunitions. However, announcing an attack on SpaceX satellites over Ukraine, Russia admitted that the ship was hit by Ukrainian Neptune missiles.

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  1. 😄😄😄it's all about Russia announces this and Russia announces that😄love how the western medias are trying so hard to bring down Russia😄

  2. At this stage. I wouldn’t trust anything to do with India until they climb out of putins hole.

  3. Will Elon Musk help the Oppressed Palestinians too.I don't think so bunch of hypocrites & Racists

  4. Shot down all Fucking Elon satellites. Good let is put end to his satellite. India supports Russia

  5. Vinash kali Bìbartta Budhi" Hindus sastra"Thinking wrong when become demage. (Lost ) "Putin" Rusia.

  6. There are over 1400 starlinks for in orbit and will total 30,000 in the near future. But some morons still think Putin can shoot them all down. Putin will be lucky if can shoot 1 or 2 down! Also Musk can put more starlinks in orbit faster than Putin can tie his shoe laces.

  7. Russia, all bark and no bite. 🤣
    If Russia wants to shot down Starlink, then just do it.

    USA should definitely began bombing runs over Ukraine. Putin can kiss his remaining Black Sea Fleet goodbye.

  8. FULL BS>>> how many missile readily capable in the arsenal ? how much per missile cost ? satellite ? 2000 satellite and can be easily deployed using falcon 9, good luck russia ! hhahahahha

  9. Geez, this news report wins the award for the most annoying voices I have ever heard!

  10. Why the hell is Elon getting involved in wars anyway he’s not of god musk oh I can’t listen her voice is really squeaky

  11. It’s funny when you outsmart Russia Putin gets hysterical ! Too funny we’re onto you Putin two can play the game!

  12. Peace is the only way out. Elon Musk shouldn't have stuck his nose where it doesn't belong. He's a very intelligent and respected man but he's quite foolish to bring war upon himself

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