Ruminating on Elon Musk + Lex Fridman + George Hotz conversation about self-driving cars


Kyle Field and I ruminate on what an Elon Musk + Lex Fridman + George Hotz conversation about self-driving cars would look like.

We also chat a bit about the Tesla vs. Nvidia vs. Waymo approach to self-driving vehicles and how the sector might proceed.

  1. As the two of you understand even less than I do. I watched the autonomous day presentation perhaps 3 times And I can easily see you two are confused and not helpful.

  2. FSD computer board (dual chips) is on version 1 and version 2 in 2121. First was Mobile#ye and then moved to Nvidia and the Tesla designed (ex-apple engineer -took 3 years – 2017.
    for first FSD. People often confuse Hardware (what?? the computer board? the car sensors the back office HQ computers (Tesla using Nvidia machines and then add DoJo. So complex and only Tesla seems to know all the details.
    So Hardware 1,2,3,4 is completely meaningless.

  3. When George wanted to know WHEN Elon/Tesla would consider job done, it came down to when Elon thought it was done. But Elon couldn't come up the tasks to complete. Since George whould never know when the job was done – afraid goal posts would just keep moving. job would only end when time ran out – 1 year.

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