RESCUED!! Elon Musk & SpaceX will FIX NASA Problem "Spacesuits", Which cost $1 billion.


RESCUED!! Elon Musk & SpaceX will FIX NASA Problem “Spacesuits”, Which cost $1 billion.#STARSHIPFANS

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Elon Musk offers for SpaceX to make NASA spacesuits, which cost $1 billion.

Today we’ll take a detail at the most significant that delays Nasa go on the Moon 2024: Its Spacesuit.
First of all, we come to the new update of Starship 20 and Booster 4.
After S20 returned to the high bay last week and completed the final finishing touches, its partner, Booster 4 moved back to the build site on Tuesday 11th, August.

SpaceX will soon start subjecting Booster 4 to a series of pressurization and engine tests. If all goes well with those trials, the rocket will be poised for an orbital launch attempt, which could occur within the next few months.

Besides, SpaceX is also ramping up new deliveries for the next prototypes, specifically, 2 new Super Heavy Booster 5 sections have been spotted at the StarBase production site and the first part of GSE 8 has been spotted. We can clearly see that SpaceX is rushing to accomplish its goals.

If SpaceX’s first orbital flight this year goes as well as planned. SpaceX will definitely complete the mission assigned by Nasa in the Artemis program. We can clearly see that SpaceX is rushing to accomplish its goals. The company recently said that there will be 16 Starship launches to land the next humans on the Moon.

The OIG audit states that NASA planned to develop the first two flight-ready spacesuits, formally known as Extravehicular Mobility Units (EMU), by November 2024 but they found that the “Agency will face significant challenges meeting this goal. This schedule includes an overall delay of approximately 20 months in delivery of the planned design, verification, and testing suite, two qualification suits, ISS [International Space Station] Demo suit, and two lunar flight suits due to funding shortfalls, COVID-19 impacts, and technical challenges-delays that have left no schedule margin in the project,” the audit states, “Given these challenges, we believe the current approach to spacesuit development will preclude a 2024 lunar landing.” The spacesuits will “not be ready for flight until April 2025 at the earliest,” the report said. NASA originally said the spacesuits would be ready by March 2023.
RESCUED!! Elon Musk & SpaceX will FIX NASA Problem “Spacesuits”, Which cost $1 billion.
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  1. More companies shitting their pants ?
    The golden years of charging exorbitant fees and over the top prices are gone with EM entering the the space industry.
    Think NASA is very happy SpaceX is bringing down prices.

  2. SpaceX could develop the suit really cheap because it would just modify the suit it is already designing for walking on Mars.

  3. I know the perfect way for you guys to get into a million views put the Asian girl in a bikini LOL

  4. The US military is criminal because it kills the children and women of Yemen. And everyone who cooperates with the American army is a murderous criminal.
    Islam is the path of truth.

  5. I will it, Nasa should change the plans from a regular moon colony to a nudist moon colony and save the 1 bil from the space suits. 1 bil?!? lol.. are they buying those from Armani?

  6. Your Volume Levels are so bad, The after the loud intro I have to crank the volume to her what you guys are saying, The guy's voice is much Louder then the Girl's voice.

  7. I feel like nasa doesnt wanna rely on spacex much, because of their reputation in the space industry.

  8. I saw a Grove Mk…..(some numbers) crane coming to BOCACHICA in the Daily feed video's from NSF,it can lift 265 tons to 354 feet. What will be the use of it,is it a crane that will sit on launch tower or a normal crane??

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