REPLAY: New Shepard NS-22 sends 1st Egyptian, Portuguese crew to space! (4 Aug 2022)


This is a replay of the live stream. Blue Origin experienced a problem with their audio for the first few minutes of the broadcast.
9:00 am EDT (13:00 UTC) Live coverage begins.
9:30 am EDT (13:30 UTC) Launch scheduled.
Launch site: Blue Origin’s West Texas Suborbital Launch Facility
Destination: Approx. 104 km straight up and straight down
Blue Origin’s 6th crewed suborbital spaceflight will carry 6 paying customers to space, including the first Egyptian and Portuguese spacefarers.

New Shepard specs
New Shepard was the world’s first rocket to land propulsively after having been to space (past the Karman Line). They beat SpaceX’s Falcon 9 by 1 month, back in 2015. New Shepard’s capsule is designed to accommodate up to 7 people, and it has the largest windows which have ever flown in space. In July 2021, Jeff Bezos and 3 other passengers rode the first crewed New Shepard flight to an altitude of 107 km (66 mi).
Height: 18 m (59 ft)
Diameter: 7 m (23.9 ft)
Type: Suborbital (straight up, straight down)
Max altitude: 389,846 feet (73.8 mi; 119 km)
Stages: 1
Engines: 1x Blue Origin BE-3
Thrust: 490 kN (110,000 lbf)
Burn time: 110 seconds
Fuel: LH2 / LOX (liquid hydrogen / liquid oxygen)

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Intro music: CO.AG – The Earth in 100 Years
Intro video courtesy efeuEntertainment using Space Engine
Outro music: CO.AG – Anything is Possible
Outro video clips courtesy NASA and SpaceX

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  1. How long before people realize that blue origin is just a really expensive carnival ride you will be seeing at your local county fair soon?

  2. All of you critics must realize that commercial space flight, like commercial aviation, must start with baby steps. And I think it meant a lot to Alan Shepard’s daughter, on a previous launch, to recreate his suborbital flight!

  3. I have no idea if the New Shepard can be placed on top of a large booster so that the booster rocket would the first stage, the New Shepard the second stage, and thus be able reach orbit… but I don't think so. Blue Origin designed the New Glenn to do that, with a much larger payload.

  4. Yesterday I went to the beach and put my feet in the water, now I am officially an Oceanologist!

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