Remote Stream Deck control with Companion Satellite

Companion Satellite is a sister-application that connects your Stream Deck surface back to your original Companion installation, to control your production equipment over the local network, or even across the internet.

In-depth written instructions here –

Downloads mentioned –
Companion Satellite (install on your remote computer)
Companion (install on the local computer)

Recommended networking and live-streaming equipment –
Stream Deck XL
GL-iNet Slate Router
8-Port POE Switch
…or 5-Port Switch
ATEM Mini Extreme ISO
…or ATEM Mini Pro ISO
Canon PTZ Camera

00:00 Live Production network setup
01:24 Stream Deck remote control
02:35 Written instructions link


  1. Excellent addition to the already brilliant tool arsenal you provided for us David. Still an avid user of your brilliant companion profiles. I love the way you lay out all the possibilities of our gear and create more productive ways to use them in such a sustainable way. Thanks a lot for sharing!!!