Remote Engine Start with Climate Control (2019 SUBARU STARLINK New Features)


With the new SUBARU STARLINK Remote Engine Start with Climate Control feature, you can start your Subaru and set the perfect temperature from your smartphone before you hit the road. Shown here on the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester, Remote Engine Start with Climate Control is easily accessed via the MySubaru app from any location.

MySubaru app features:

– Lock or unlock your car from anywhere with cell service
– Locate your vehicle from a map remotely
– Activate the horn and lights remotely
– Adjust the temperature remotely
– Start engine remotely
– Adjust your heated seats (Subaru Ascent only)

Which 2019 models offer Remote Engine Start with Climate Control?

– 2019 Subaru Ascent
– 2019 Subaru Crosstrek
– 2019 Subaru Impreza
– 2019 Subaru Forester

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  1. I got a 2021 crosstrak I use my Apple App to start my car in the morning. The problem I have is every time I use the remote start the radio Blast way up how do I stop that from happening? I tried turning the radio off and all the way down before I park. But like I said every time I use the App the radio blast

  2. Awful I just bought the 2019 Limited Outback, I also have the 2015 Limited Outback you should have left auto start on the key fob. The Auto Start Function appears on the Demo version of the app but once you sign in with your vin# and link everything up that option disappears.

  3. Everytime I use the app to start my 2020 Subaru ascent and warm it up, it turns on the ac. When I get in my car, I notice the ac is on insteadofwarmin the coldwinter. How can I stop it from happening? Also, it doesn't turn on the windshield defrost. Only the rear defrost is on.

  4. The app has been revised recently and it's a ton smoother! All the 2020 Models come with 3 whole years for just $75. Believe me the remote start is a major component in the app cause you can start from just about any distance ( nation wide range ) Truly there are a ton of practical uses that can be used to pamper your girlfriend/spouse.

  5. I'm curious. I bought this app and although i can turn on the car from my phone when I get inside the car and steering wheel are both locked. The only way it let off was when I turned the car back off and re-turned it on from inside. Seems counter-intuitive. Would this not mess up the starter? I'm kind of regretful of purchasing this now, but in the video they don't show the guy turning the car off and on so am i doing something wrong??????

  6. How does it work? If I get MySubaru and STARLINK and pay their annual fee will I be able to remotely start my 2018 Legacy premium from my cellphone?

  7. lol soon one may have to buy a subscription just to make ya car run… or keep advertisements off the touch screen…

    I also own a 2019 Subaru forester in the United States, owned it for a month, if only the girl who rear ended me had eye sight… grins
    I did not sign up for any of their services, did have sirus satellite radio trail for 1 or 2 months free.
    Did I listen to it, hmm, ah, no…. hell big fat NO… waste of bloody money, isn't that what ya cellphone for, most phones have internet connection, pick one straight off Pandora plus many others, opps that slipped, yet they still harass me to signup, yep phone calls and letters.
    But I love my Subaru… starlink is cool n all but over priced, but I should of had them install the remote start for $349, but then again is this feature all ready preinstalled … there but you just don't know it… give ya the remote activate it wham bam $349 thank you, something is a little shady if starlink can activate it by signing up.

  8. I spoke to a local Subaru agent here in Australia (Jarvis) regarding the remote start. He advised me this was illegal here. I quickly told him he had no idea what he was talking about. My recent Holden Commodore VF had remote start on the key fob. In actual fact, all the VF range had this. One thing I hate is when I am told something from someone whom I believe will give me the correct information and they just have no idea. Subaru, you really need to get your act together and support those who support you.

  9. I find this remote start to be remarkable awkward and inconvenient. I would like to be able to use a single icon on my phone to activate the remote start. All those screens are a pain to wade through.

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