Pete Davidson Set To Go To Space On Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin


Exclusively on TODAY, Carson Daly reveals that comedian and “SNL” star Pete Davidson is officially heading to space with a crew aboard on an upcoming Blue Origin flight. The launch is scheduled for March 23.

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  1. Pete will be the first person to date kim Kardashian while taking a trip to space

  2. All this death and destruction in Ukraine..and millionaires have so much money they go to space for fun . gotta wonder where their heart is,I'd be funding drones for Ukraine if I had their incomes!

  3. Good news finally.The entire SNL staff should go and entertain the martians….forever.

  4. I want to know how much did he pay ? It's all about money it's so sad that people actually have a dream of being an astronaut since they were little and actually try to achieve it !!!!and then Here Comes someone with money who pays them off and can go up when there's someone who's actually studied their whole life trying to become astronaut actually trying to get up into space because that's all they ever dreamed of as a kid.its sad and then they see Pete Davidson go up into space wtf

  5. This is why and how the world is going to end. We’re just spending too much time doing non sensical crap.

  6. Please tell Pete Davidson to take Kim Kardashian with him to outer space and just leave both of them there. 😂😂😂 The Russians already left an American astronaut in space .

  7. If I were KK, I'd hire extra security until Pete is safely back on Earth! 🤔

    Of course, by Pete going into space it truly proves who's really packin'! 😉

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