Peppy Coming to Starlink: Battle for Atlas According to Gamescom 2018 Trailer Leak (Nintendo Switch)


Back at E3, we learned that Fox McCloud is appearing as a guest character exclusively in the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. But it seems he won’t be alone, as the presence of his longtime wingman and mentor Peppy Hare has been leaked via a Gamescom 2018 trailer for Starlink that was accidentally posted by IGN and has since been taken down. Get all the details right here!


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  1. Wolf is also confirmed, as on the Amazon page, it talks about the missions an mentions that Wolf is the main villain

  2. No matter how good/bad this game is, it will sell horribly. A toys-to-life game in 2018 has to be the worst business decision I've heard in a while.

  3. Although I guess this leak confirm it, it's not really that big of a surprise. In Fox reveal trailer, he says "let's rock and roll boys" or something like that and all for Arwing are seen. Furthermore, in gameplay footage where we saw the Arwing in action for the first time one of the developers mention it was a dream to have Fox AND HIS CREW, in the game. Now although it's true none of that confirm that all members will be playable but I wouldn't say this is very surprising to see them in, not to mention the developers of this game seems to be a huge Starfox fan.

  4. As much as I want all of the STARFOX crew, I'd just as much, if not moreso want all of STARWOLF as well. ESPECIALLY if Wolf rocks his Zero-inspired Smash Ultimate design!

  5. i would love if Ubisoft makes it so that Starlink has some other characters from other Nintendo properties not just Star Fox crew. like Samus or Lumas or something like those characters. i'm starting to get more hyped for Starlink

  6. Then They Announce Falco.
    Then They Announce Slippy.

    Then they pull the rug out from under you and just reskin it to be StarFox.

  7. Actually, the whole team was here in the trailer! I'm surprised you didn't see the 30 min vidéo of it!

  8. I'm confused – is this implying he's a playable pilot? Because all 4 members of Team Starfox were very clearly in the Gamescom footage. None of them were kept secret.

    Also it seems silly to make only Peppy playable if they're gonna make someone other than Fox playable. They may as well just make the whole team playable. And I'm still holding out hope for Wolf and his Wolfen to be playable down the line…

  9. for all the barrel roll comments here, It's called an Aileron Roll. Who else's childhood was ruined by Game Theory.

  10. I saw the video in full. Falco and Slippy were in the cut scene and gameplay footage bantering with Fox. There was no audio though as it was background footage over an interview.

    Don't see why people were even speculating in the first place. All 4 arwings were shown in the Fox reveal trailer. We all knew they would be here. Wether or not they are playable is sti yet to be seen.

  11. If all four Star Fox members are in Starlink and they all get figures, I want their Arwings to be different. Think of it: In addition to the Starlink Arwing, you could also have one based on the original SNES Arwing with minimalist designs and 16-bit projectiles, one based off the Arwing from Star Fox 64, and one based off the Arwing from Star Fox Adventures and/or Star Fox Assault.

  12. Is it just me or employees are getting dumber by time? First the Castlevania leak in Smash and now the Peppy leak in Starlink hahahah xD

  13. Falco and Slippy are confirmed to be in the game, I saw a video on IGNs Channel that showed Star Fox gameplay and they were in a cutscene along with Peppy, the video was taken down unfortunately

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