Orbital Launch Site Grows Ahead Of Super Heavy Debut | Spacex Ramp Up Raptor Factory


SpaceX Starbase may be lacking a rocket at the launch site, but work is still continuing apace on the construction of the Orbital Launch Site (OLS) ahead of receiving the first Super Heavy/Starship stack for an upcoming orbital launch attempt. Signs that the milestone mission is closing in can be seen at the Production Site, with sections of Booster 2 (with sections labeled BN3) and Starship SN20 undergoing preparations.

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A large workforce continues to work on construction activities at the OLS, with the most dominant feature being the rise of the Launch Integration Tower required to host Super Heavy.

Three sections are now installed in-situ, with additional prefabricated sections – residing at the Propellant Production site – preparing to roll to the launch site.

The sections are being lifted into place by the LR11350 crane, which the SpaceXers nicknamed “Frankencrane” due to its variety of boom extensions from various other cranes. It recently gained an extension as the tower height continues to grow.

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The tower already has the support beams for an elevator system, allowing its inner staircase to be removed.

Next to the tower, the Launch Mount now has its six extensions installed. The launch table – currently being prepared at the Production Site, is also being prepared for transport and installed on the extensions.

During this time, the third segment of the integration tower has been lifted, then fixed to the rest, thanks to the Frankencrane crane.

Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Liquid Methane (CH4) for the huge rocket will be supplied by the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) tanks at the OLS.

Two GSE tanks have already been installed on their supports, while a third is being prepared for transport.

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  1. It seems to me that the tower to place the booster and Starship upon it, should have a counterweight at the top adjacent to the catcher that is supposed to catch the Starship and lifting it on top of the booster! I still question the viability of catching the booster!
    But if anyone can do it, it would be SpaceX!

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