Odd Bale Roundup & STARLINK UPDATE


We round up a few wet test bales. Clover doesn’t care to dry well and resulted in lopsided bales! I also trenched the cable for the Starlink!
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How Farms Work by Ryan Kuster is a YouTube channel based in rural Potosi, Wisconsin. Our mission is to teach those who didn’t grow up on a farm what the farming life is like. These videos show the Kuster family working together raising cattle and crops. We believe everyone who wants to know more about farming should be able to share the farming experience with us and we look to educate the world on many essential agriculture topics.

How Farms Work takes place on ~1,100 acres with around 75-200 cattle at any given time. Four John Deere tractors are currently used on the farm, which are a 4020, 4640, 7600, and 8235R.

  1. Travis, please don’t stand on the tractor steps traveling down the road. Heard of an individual who lost his life riding that way.

  2. That's called backcountry ingenuity I was just waiting for a big rock to that fork

  3. 811 does not locate private lines or services.
    811 locates utility services.

  4. Rodeo Reed had his wife driving his semi truck he said his wife did not need a CDL License as long as she has acknowledge of the semi truck
    And his semi truck is licensed as a farm vehicle

  5. Food for thought take your silicon and put it on the top of that fence post and make it watertight so water can’t run down in the fence post and it will last a lot longer we used to put pie pans over them and make a little cap Grace and peace Ryan y’all are in my prayers

  6. Very unsafe to ride on the tractor step like that – kids watch your videos!

  7. A single-bottom moleboard plow works well too, especially if you need a really long trench across open ground.

  8. Vacuum cleaner some foam and fishing line are your best friends for getting the cable through the conduit. After getting the fishing line through you can pull a larger rope for pulling the actual cable.

  9. Love the crop cam idea. Give us a long time lapse when WI heat makes the corn grow overnight.

  10. I’ve had Starlink here in northeast PA since feb 21, I have it on a 20ft pole in the best possible spot in my yard but I’m surrounded by trees, so in the winter it’s great, but the other seasons not so much due to leaf coverage that I cannot do anything about since the trees are 60+ feet tall. Always enjoy watching these videos

  11. At the end of the wedding u got to drive off together on the 4020 or the 4640

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