NSF Live: Recap of Booster 3's static fire, Blue Origin's crewed flight, and Falcon Heavy's win

NSF Live is NASASpaceflight.com’s weekly show covering the latest in spaceflight. It is broadcast live on Saturdays at 3 pm Eastern. On each show, we rotate through various hosts and special guests.

This week’s show looks at the past week in space news!

The episode is hosted by John “Das” Galloway (Host and Producer at NASASpaceflight.com), Chris Gebhardt (Assistant Managing Editor at NASASpaceflight.com), and Jack Beyer (Video Editor and Photographer at NASASpaceflight.com).

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  1. “She has got more hours in real aircraft than I have in kerbal space program” that was a really awesome detail that just really sinks the point home. That is a lot of flying.

  2. Funny how Chris believes everything the Russian say. Having to live under their boot and close to them teaches you that You cant believe A WORD of what they say. And one other thing. Most of them are incompetent low paid slackers nowadays. At least in the Soviet times they had the propaganda and GULAG to keep them in line. It's total mess now.

  3. Question: Do you think they'll use the new larger fairings for the Europa Clipper launch or just the standard Falcon 9 ones?

  4. As a confessed leftist, I did not like most if the crew – except Wally Funk. The other guys were the frickin' son of a hedgefond manager, a reckless leech of a supercapitalist, and the brother of a reckless leech of a supercapitalist. Holy shit, this was embarrassing.

  5. John Galloway , Chris Gebhardt and Jack Beyer The Three Wise Men ! Sort of😁 ❤ listening to the stream be it live or recorded along with all the nameless people Big thanks to Jack Beyer and others running around in the background for the special shots in the stream and videos 👍

  6. It’s hilarious that SpaceX is essentially the second choice for all the delays. They are slowing proving out they can do things much cheaper and much more reliably. When this falcon heavy launch is successful it’s going to be just another solid point in the argument of using them more and more often.

    Soon they will be primary for interplanetary missions and older companies will be the backup.

  7. Its obvious that the average person wont be able to afford to fly this rocket But those people who can fly hopefully have an experience like all the astronauts from Apollo and before did When they viewed the planet from space ! Most of theses astronaut went on to set examples in their life of working for a better and healthier planet , ! If just a few of these new wealthy astronaut come away with that new found vision of earth they will have the funds to make a difference in their lifetime unlike the less fortunate like myself and the majority of the planet !

  8. @NSF Love you guys! You make every day better by showing us all the engineering Elon is letting the world see! There's never been a rocket company like SpaceX. Rockets used to be built in secrecy with only marketing folk letting us know what new rockets will be able to do. But Elon rocked up and said "there's a patch of dirt no one's using, let's see if we can build interplanetary transport systems on it, and let the neighbours watch us do it." Thanks for being those neighbours for us (literally in regard to Mary)!

  9. i cant wait for the hole world to work out we r only life in the known universe and will show us that god is what we r looking at when we look into the space above us lol son of god

  10. I’ll believe Jeff Bezos is serious about going to space when he –
    A) Displays more urgency about getting humans into near earth & cislunar space;
    B) Gets the New Glenn flying & flying frequently;
    C) Delivers BE-4’s in a timely fashion to ULA; and
    D) Stops using excuses to explain away why BO hasn’t done either one yet!

  11. Nice to “see” you guys…I like being able to put faces with the voices-thanks for all you guys do!

  12. Hey, YouTube! Are you trying to sell me something or just irritate me so much I give up & pay for YT Premium?!? If it’s the first one, you’re sure as hell not going to sell me anything by interrupting an English language video with a Spanish language ad. If it’s the later, don’t you think I’d have bought it already if I had the money?!?

  13. I’d strap an ion engine/hall thruster to get an extra 2 km/s to get it to Jupiter a year earlier…

  14. The SLS bottleneck (3 launches in 2 years) is in the manufacturing process. The Falcon Heavy launch rate and launch schedule are determined by customers (NASA, Defense Department, commercial, intelligence services) and their payloads. FH is not constrained by manufacturing bottlenecks.

  15. Another great recap of the week and also about next week, great show and hopefully we can get Elon,Wally Funk or Chris B to come on the show sometime soon! 🤞

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