News: SpaceX Will Also Launch Starship from Cape Long-Term, Says Elon Musk – DreamStarship


News: SpaceX Will Also Launch Starship From Cape Canaveral Long-Term, Says Elon Musk – DreamStarship
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00:26 1, SpaceX Will Also Launch Starship From Cape Canaveral Long-Term, Says Elon Musk.
03:40 2, 4 Cool Destinations That Future Mars Tourists Could Explore.



SpaceX is building spaceport in South Texas where it is developing its Starship launch vehicle at its Starbase facility. “SpaceX is committed to developing revolutionary space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. Boca Chica Village is our latest launch site dedicated to Starship, our next-generation launch vehicle. SpaceX is committed to developing this town into a 21st-century Spaceport,” the company said. In 2019, SpaceX was also developing Starship at Cocoa beach, south of Cape Canaveral, Florida, then the company paused Starship manufacturing in Florida in December 2019 to focus on Starship’s development in Texas. Ever since, the company has made significant progress towards the spacecraft’s development. It has flown eight stainless-steel Starship prototypes to date, these test flights were launched into an altitude of less than 20-kilometers above Boca Chica. SpaceX is now focused on preparing to launch the first vehicle to orbit this year.

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  1. HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER! The SpaceX Starship is the biggest toughest rocket ever built. With its hardened 30X stainless steel it is also the strongest. The fact that it can hold over 100 people and over a hundred tons means not only can we travel comfortably but bring most of our equipment with us. The Raptor engines that power the starship use methylux which can be produced in volumes on most planets we would land upon. We will be constantly innovating our fleet of Starships for more comfort and reliability. Much thanks to Elon Musk, SpaceX and NASA for making this possible. This is the time! This is the place and we are the people that will change the world! Shoot for the Moon and Mars and then we will end up amongst the Stars!

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