New version StarLink SNOW TEST | DEEP SNOW TEST | StarLink

New Version Star Link Snow Test, DEEP SNOW TEST, with StarLink a Offgrid Fast internet… And you will be AMAZED! Must watch till end INCREADABLE SPEEDS IN SNOW.

Do you any of you live in the off grid or live in a big deep canyon like me in the mountains were you either don’t get service or have a lack of service or only a couple options where they corner you with data caps and terrible service and just sick of it. It is StarLink.

Maybe you live in the boonies and wish you had cell service and there is no chance of that unless you have Wi-Fi and can connect through Wi-Fi calling. I have delt with it all. And now I need fast wifi to run certain programs to have a online business to make a income and still be far away from the city.
You can have faster speeds than inner city with StarLink.

Don’t get me wrong many people could benefit from the starlink, moble campers, people living on a boat or a sailboat… and off grid people that would like some internet and to able to use a cell phone with crazy fast speeds. Hands down fastest internet for rural areas, if you are wondering, is starlink worth it or should i get starlink.

Starlink is hard to beat. I would recommend starlink to anyone.

This winter and deep snow fall has been a perfect for the star link snow test make it the starlink deep snow test, how does it work. Does the starlink work? How well does the star link work.

StarLink is a fast internet service that does now disappoint for sure! off grid wifi calling can be nice when you dont have any communication were you life or are traveling! Space x internet is what some people know this as, or spacex starLink off grid wifi can be super usefull.

Offgrid fast internet is now an option! You can have fast internet off grid and it is becoming more and more available! for many expanding locations. Starlink fast internet in the snow.

StarLink is amazing.

First Starlink set up Video:

My dad lives off grid:

First steps food storage:

Link for Starlink:

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  1. How much does the starlink cost? Also do you need to pay a monthly fee for service? Thanks and I love all the videos!

  2. Man that us incredible elon thinks of it all when he builds something and does a great job at it too thats just insane man and good video

  3. I am looking for your post when you got C****. I wrote down everything you took, but I misplaced the list. Now my 2 sons have it, and I know I am just days away. Being 65, I am sure breezing through it probably won’t happen. I can’t find your post, did YT take it down ? Is there another way to get the list of things you took ?

  4. Yeah well indeed Impressed myself!
    Did talk about it last week to a friend of mine who moved in the mountains and has crappy internet

    Dont forget a warm coffee once you're done with all the snow removal 😛

  5. Your video reminded me, 50 years ago, when my husband had to shovel from inside to get out of the house to go to work. I still remember all the snow up to the top when he open the door. By the way, I love my kindles made with Crisco. Thank you. 🙂

  6. That's incredible. Great investment. I guess the Starlink saw the snow & said 'NOT TODAY' 🤣 How are the chickens doing & did the potatoes survive?

  7. My neighbors have one and when we got the 48 inches last year they had to shovel off some inches before using it.

  8. You are awesome! You have a wonderful family and I love your tips! Video always great as usual