New Starlink Unboxing, Setup, Speed Test, and Initial Review | Rectangle Dishy


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0:00 – Unboxing
3:21 – First plug in, dishy movement, app/wifi setup
5:38 – Speed test of my current LTE setup
6:53 – First speed test results
7:40 – Speed tests with dishy on the roof
10:17 – Final thoughts and impressions, close up 4k shots

  1. Wait that box ain't round! How you got Dishy McSquare Face so fast if terminals get delayed to 2022 last I've read? Any Dirty secrets to share? 🙂

  2. I feel kinda bad now, having gigabit fiber here in the woods also, but EU. By telekom.
    I used to have LTE connection up until like 4-5 years ago, then they finally made optic available in the area. It was a brand new life.

    My new hobby is to search starlink satellites at night while having a smoke break lol. Soooo many moving objects up the sky these days.

  3. Holy cow :O as someone who lives out in the country and all i can get is at&t and its not even unlimited i'm going to save up and get this

  4. absolutely fantastic that you put also metric system measurements on the video. Often American content creators doesn't realize that there is so many people following which are not from North America.

  5. Wow… I couldn't live without my symmetric 10/10 Gbps fiber connection anymore. And here you are with 15/6 Mbps internet. 😳

    So glad that you were able to get Starlink and now have better speeds! Enjoy! Hope the gear is reliable and last for a long time.

  6. I doubt Starlink will ever be usable. I used to work in an Office that had wireless broadband and the connection would drop whenever it rained. Latency is poor as well. Might be useful for Boats, planes and ships etc but not a good replacement for wired fibre.

  7. Pretty sure the instructions mean don’t tilt it manually, not that you’re not allowed to touch the front 🙂
    The front is just a plastic cover over the actual antenna array so there’s no reason touching the front would do anything.
    Thanks for funding humanity’s expansion to Mars 😉

  8. Wow, orbit of Earth and Mars! Starlink gonna link up Earth and Mars together! System wide communications company!

  9. Nice, I'm happy you get the same speeds pretty much as I am getting now and I'm located up from you where Interstate 75 ends at the US/Canadian border! Back in early 2021 I was hitting 200's and 300's but since the last several months the speeds have gotten between 50 and 150 consistently now with uploads averaging 10 BUT with that said the system is super stable now cause before when I had the 200's and above the stability was POOP. My dish today has over 12 inches (30.48 cm) of icicle beard!

  10. I am annoyed because I signed up near the beginning, still nothing from SpaceX. Live in Ohio and other people in our Tesla group for theirs, still nothing.
    Received a email the other day about chip supply shortage but that was it. My mother in law needs this, no usable internet services exist. Even cell hotspot barely work there.

  11. Could you build one of those antenna looking towers and mount this above the tree line? Sort of like is done for ham radio.

  12. Congratulations! I'm really glad that after the lengthy wait that you're getting decent speeds. Appreciate your feedback yesterday on my FSDBeta issues too. Looking forward to more videos from you now that you're operating in the 21st century 😉

  13. Your roof is extremely steep. How did you mount it next to solar panels where ladder doesn’t reach? Scary !

  14. What people don't realize once they can do lasers between satellites they can skip the signal and go under some of the satellites because its spherical topology if it reaches far enough.

  15. My parents where really lucky to get in the starlink beta really early in the Midland/ bay city area its been interesting to see the progress it's made. They had a fair amount of 10~ minute disconnects when they first got it but it's pretty solid for them for a while now. I know I signed up the instant I heard they opened up the $100 deposits. I live out in the thumb and I pay too much to 10mbps but only get 4mbps. Downloading a game or something is usually 0.5mbps so I was really happy to get the email the other day saying they expect to deliver to my area around March. Now if only I could get an email from tesla with a rough expected delivery month for my cybertruck I'm not so patiently waiting for. Lol

  16. Surge protectors for power and ethernet are a lot cheaper than having Starlink destroyed. I also had one modem and network card and printer USB gone like this during thunderstorms

  17. Wow it looks great I refunded my pre order since I can't justify the cost at the current price for what I'm currently paying hopefully in the future that will change

  18. Word of advice, do post your or your neighbors network name. It’s affectively the same as giving out your address (especially since you drive to your street on a regular basis)

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