NEW StarLink Mesh Nodes | Starlink | Starlink 2022


NEW StarLink Mesh Nodes | Starlink | Starlink 2022
Amazing New StarLink Mesh Nodes For 2022

Starlink Mesh Nodes – Mesh Networks Made Easy
Starlink Mesh Nodes – Mesh Networks Made Easy April 15, 2022 Mesh networks are nothing new in home networking, but an upcoming Starlink accessory allows customers to easily implement a mesh network without 3rd party hardware or IT knowledge. The new accessory, called Starlink Mesh Nodes, is currently in a beta testing phase.

Starlink satellite internet is currently undergoing beta testing in parts of the US and Canada to people who live between 44 and 53 degrees latitude. Once its available, you will be able to get Starlink internet in rural and underserved areas of the world.
Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX. It provides satellite Internet access coverage to 32 countries where its use has been licensed, and aims for global coverage. As of April 2022 Starlink consists of over 2,100 mass-produced small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), which communicate with designated ground transceivers.

How much does Starlink cost?
During its beta in 2021, Starlink said that some preorders could take as long as six months to fulfill. The cost of the service is billed at $99 per month, plus taxes and fees, plus an initial payment of $499 for the mountable satellite dish and router that you’ll need to install at home.
( I believe the starlink cost is now up to $550/ $110 a mo.)

In this video will show you the brand new Starlink mash nodes from Starlink this is a new Starlink option in 2022.

Elon musk is the owner of Starlink and they have a new product called Starlink mesh nodes it is a mesh net work a mesh Wi-Fi option for extending your Wi-Fi all over your property or from room to room with great service it’s called Starlink Internet Starlink satellites go around the globe offering really good Wi-Fi signals and Internet signals in remote areas.

StarLink mesh net work gives you an option to have Internet in places that normally don’t get Internet service this is a StarLink Option in 2022 we go over how to set up the Starlink and we do a Starlink speed test and also notify you that there is a StarLink map to let you know whether you have a Starlink option in the area or not.

So whether you are off grid and need Wi-Fi or you are off grid and need some Internet service these are off grid Internet options and these are satellite Internet for TV in remote areas it is a satellite Internet option, it is the best Wi-Fi we have ever had here on our property and it’s the best Internet provider we’ve had also this works for great remote Internet possibilities, a great offgrid tip for those that are living in the outskirts or off grid.

This is brand new Starlink news it’s a new product from StarLink called Starlink mash notes you can also power this Internet option with solar panels you could have solar powered Internet with Starlink, and use the Starlink message note to extend your Internet service for a very long ways.

So for anyone that has a Homestead or are in the zone of being able to have StarLink and StarLink mash nodes this is a great option for fast Internet in remote areas and having the Starlink mash nodes gives you that Wi-Fi for a large area.

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  1. We love out Subscribers, and I need you to know this.
    – I do not make money nor get anything from StarLink, Rather I pay like everyone else.
    – You also must know in my location there is NO other internet option that would allow me to have a YouTube channel and provide videos to everyone/ goal: Reach & Teach And we are reaching millions- so to me that is a greater good personally.
    – Am I worried about the compromise, as anyone should know any Tech these days is compromised with agenda, you follow the trail upwards and it leads to the same elites with the corrupt agenda. If you have a cell phone, computer, apps, Tv… you are already up the same creek. They have your IP addresses, they know were you are, what your saying and what your doing, don’t be fooled.
    – I will always have a variety of videos which will serve some and not to others… everyone has a different perspective. In this case there may be others with a situation like mine were having internet vs not is more of a help in my life- I have cell phones and other devices, I am already under that gun. Like nearly every one else.
    – when the lights go out, we will be onto the next chapter, which is what we are preparing for. No power, no problem; time to survive.

    Feel free to leave your view, remember to be respectful. And if it ain’t your thing- don’t worry we will have so many more helpful videos to come!

    Thank you Everyone.

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  3. I see people still haven't learned yet. I will pray for you and your family. The best link is to our Heavenly Father. 🙏

    My days on YouTube are numbered, >> Going over to RUMBLE. am In the process of Eradicating ALL THE EVIL COMPANIES………… Have a nice Life ………………………..

  5. People are still soooooo asleep to what’s really going on!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    The Age of deception!

  6. Wow dude. Wow. I just lost every ounce of respect I've ever had for you.

    For years, Elon has been financed by D.A.R.P.A. He's the public face of Advanced Ai Acceptance. He's good friends with Regina Dugan, former head of D.A.R.P.A. and now a leading figure at Google. On JR a couple years ago, regarding the Ai takeover of human thought and the implementation of a global Hivemind, he said "If you can't beat em, join em." Neuralink and Starlink are two components of one project, masquerading as "helping the disabled" and "providing free internet across the world and universal free speech", respectively. which is an obvious trojan horse operation. In truth, they are designed to do the exact opposite, on both accounts. Both work together to create a global-prison grid from which no human life will be able to escape. It's the next-generation of D.A.R.P.A's Project Argus-Is.

    Not to mention, Jeffrey Epstein was formerly an advisor to Elon Musk, or at least Epstein claimed this. Musk's PR agents denied it, however there are pictures of Elon Musk with Ghislane Maxwell that Musk confirms are real. Also, Elon Musk introduced Mark Zuckerberg to Epstein. Musk's ex-wife Talulah Riley admitted that her and Musk visited Epstein's New York townhouse multiple times. They were all very close, and no one talks about it for some reason. CIA/Mossad assets stick together.

    Musk has always said things people like to hear, and then does the opposite. A master baiter-and-switcher. And so few people seem to catch on because apparently everyone these days have the memory-capacity of goldfish. He plays the role of the Tony-Stark-esque "superhero" to counter the Klaus Schwab "supervillain", despite the fact Musk is a WEF "Young Global Leaders" grad, class of 09, and has openly stated he supports the idea of a world government. Schwab and Gates say we need to depopulate, Musk says we need to populate. Gates and Schwab say we need the ESG score, Musk calls it's "satan incarnate". So predictable. He claims to be pro-freedom, but has yet to publicly denounce the WEF in any meaningful way, when every member should be serving life sentences. Claims to be freedom-of-speech, yet does ever increasing business with the CCP and praises them on Chinese social media. Is hell-bent on beaming 5G onto every inch of the planet, creating an electromagnetic-soup capable of extracting oxygen out of any localized segment at the whim of the elites, while enforcing the global technological prison-grid. He's the public face of D.A.R.P.A., doing everything they do, but putting a totally bogus "innovator/entrepreneur" consumer-spin on the Military Industrial Complex's machinations. Selling slavery disguised as freedom. He's at the forefront of introducing the Beast System.

    A CIA-stooge with a deep-state-crafted persona that's been cultivated over many years now, to play the part of the hero to dupe the few remaining freedom-lovers. CIA intel guides his "public opinion" to reflect the views of freedom lovers, to play the part of the savior to a T. His actions are that of a trojan horse. He is a Judas goat, playing the part of "I'm one of you, follow me", leading as many people whom are against the NWO right into their spiritual slaughterhouse. His "freedom of speech" is the bait for ultimate human enslavement.

  7. So it might not be for everyone. That's okay. Not for me either. Some …this just may be the answer. And to the others, if you hook to anything, even to leave a comment here…you are still hooked in lol. Someway or another. Cool new stuffs for some.

  8. You know Russia propaganda is saying they are going to shoot down star link and gps satellites!!! Just saying.

  9. This is how they'll bring internet everywhere no matter how remote so that they can force everyone to have access to the digital ID.

  10. I've made my deposit and I'm on a waiting list because they're maxed out here. They said it might be as much as 2 years.

  11. Nodes are the future. People should be buying STRNGR nodes for fantastic passive income

  12. So this is addition to the internet service that you already have or is this in place of?

  13. That symbol look like the old reebok Logo. Ima have to pass on that looks like they want to map out your home for them. That’s sketchy AF

    U were one of the last Channels I absolutely "trusted" was for The People….But now I'm not so sure.🥺
    Just like I was SOOOO on the Trump Train, until he touted the Shots! And then DONE. Kinda like that.

  15. I heard that Musk was making it free for everyone to have, guess not. 🤔

  16. Working on a 90 amp dc motor. Trying to adapt it to a stationary indoor bike stand. Changing it up from a 12 volt system to a 48 volt system. Want to be able to run some luxury items if the grid goes down. 12 volt system will stay in the faraday cage and when I get the 48 volt system up and running, I will EMP proof it as well.

  17. Starlink have teamed up with Google creating new Global internet! NTy keep it!

  18. How much you getting paid to push this product? Kind of losing respect for this channel. They've gotten to you too?

  19. We don’t have anything like star-link here. We have satellite feed and hate it! So slow and an never down load a movie . Takes us 3 hours to watch a 90 minute movie.
    Can you tell us about how much it costs and how difficult it is to hook up ? We are totally off grid 5 miles from blacktop. Thanks

  20. I can't believe your promoting starlink. Now you will be monitored for sure. There will be no escaping

  21. New way to be tracked. Faster, better, more efficient and reliable for who??? You or big brother??? smh…

  22. I'm not interested in Starlink, but your kitty has 100% of my interest. I want to hug the kitty! <3 =^_^=

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