NEW $STARL Metaverse Project Update! Why is StarLink crypto up? Beta SOON & Facebook Meta BOOST! NFT


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Hello! Based Crypto here and yeahhhh… $Starl is up OVER ANOTHER 50% in 24 hours!!!!! GEEZ!!! Why is that? Facebook Meta, New Beta, and what ever i mentioned in yesterday’s video! I also explain what a Metaverse is!

Join their Telegram for a chance to enter the beta!:
Starl Website:
Starl Twitter:

What is a Metaverse? (WIKI): Metaverse is a speculative future iteration of the Internet part of shared virtual reality, often as a form of social media. The metaverse in a broader sense may not only refer to virtual worlds operated by social media companies but the entire spectrum of augmented reality.
What is Starl? (website): Starl is the first 100% community owned decentralized virtual space project. $STARL is the governance token of the Starl Ecosystem. Buy, sell and trade virtual satellites, spacecraft and lands while exploring the solar system. The possibilities are endless.
Is Zuckerberg changing Facebook name? (Google)
Mark Zuckerberg told The Verge he didn’t change Facebook’s name because of recent controversy. The CEO said it was “ridiculous” that some people might think there was a connection. He said he’d been considering a rebrand since 2014, when the company bought Instagram and WhatsApp.

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