New Shepard NS-18 spacecraft launches with William Shatner on board


Canadian actor William Shatner, known for portraying Captain Kirk in Star Trek and the oldest person to go to space, and the company’s vice president of mission & flight operations, Audrey Powers, will join crewmates Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries for the flight.

Courtesy: Blue Origin

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  1. To timidly go for a short flight in a cok shaped rocket. These are the voyages of the starship Bezos.

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  3. So what is this all about ? Back to the late 50-ys technology , or what ? From massive Fleet of Space -Shuttle to a mini-rocket , barely reaching borders of the space ? Whats we will see next ? The libtards reanimation of the V2 ? Well , Trump is right : everything the woke touch , turn to s…it !

  4. So good old Captain Kirk bodly goes where no man has been before… a giant dildo 😬

  5. Take good care of Shatner, he's a national treasure. Hopefully Canada starts acting more like a citizen of the world and stays away from US

  6. If this thing got off on the way up I guess the ole drag queen shat-ner would get a mighty splatter

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