Netgear Orbi Review: Mesh Network Router and Satellite

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Current Build:
AMD R7 1800X:
Biostar X370GT7:
GSKILL Trident Z 2800MHz 32GB:
Corsair H110i GT:
Titan XP:
Corsair AX860i:
OCZ RD400 256GB:
Seagate 4TB:
Thermaltake Core P5:
El Gato Game Capture HD60:

Benchmark Charts Early on Patreon:

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  1. Do you think it would work between my house and detached garage? The 2 buildings are about 350 feet apart, and the rear of my garage another 120 feet back. I was about to try and hardwire this but people are telling my the wired signal may not be great over this length of wire, so now I'm exploring the options.

  2. Can we all just agree that Orbi is not a mesh system så we can get rid of that when we search for mesh?

  3. I'm having similar experiences with these orbi's. They are amazing! I use my orbi in conjunction with my netgear R8000 router. I set the orbi as AP mode and i disabled the wifi antennas on the R8000. I live in a 2700sqft house.. I'm able to get above +200mbps anywhere through out the house with just two. I was amazed to see that i'm also able to get +45mbps everywhere through out my acre lot. I can now stream all my flac music from my nas while im out cutting the lawn.

  4. Can I hook up an Orbi into a Comcast gateway device that is both a modem/router combo?

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