NASA's WARNING SpaceX&Elon Musk! Scientists Oppose SpaceX Starlink project


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NASA’s WARNING SpaceX&Elon Musk! Scientists Oppose SpaceX Starlink project


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NASA disagreed with SpaceX’s claim

SpaceX has just lost up to 40 brand-new Starlink internet satellites due to a geomagnetic storm that struck just a day after the fleet’s launch last week.
On the same day, the company just received another sad news as NASA outlined concerns about Starlink’s next-generation constellation in a recent FCC letter.
Not only that, the agency also refuted SpaceX’s previous claims there is “zero risk” of a Starlink satellite colliding with a large spacecraft because of the Starlink satellites’ maneuverability.
How specifically?
Let’s find out more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

The five-page letter was submitted to the Federal Communications Commission on Feb. 8 on NASA’s behalf by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, along with a separate one-page letter from the National Science Foundation. The letter was submitted to the FCC’s proceedings on SpaceX’s proposal for its Starlink “Gen 2” system with approximately 30,000 satellites in LEO.
NASA said that SpaceX’s proposal for 30,000 Gen 2 satellites could lead to a “significant increase” in potential collisions in low Earth orbit and interfere with the agency’s launches and scientific activities.
The primary reason is that it would increase the number of tracked objects in low Earth orbit by more than a factor of five.
According to NASA, “An increase of this magnitude into these confined altitude bands inherently brings additional risk of debris-generating collision events based on the number of objects alone.”
NASA Just Sued SpaceX&Elon Musk! Scientists Oppose SpaceX Starlink project
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  1. Dear scientists, stop thinking olde school. In just a few years the observatories smd all the telescopes will be on the moon, then a few years later some will be on Mars. So don't worry about blocked views due to satellites. In just s few years the earth based telescopes will all be out of service.

  2. Massive satellite constellations are inevitable. This is just another legacy industry screaming about Musk disrupting their grip on power. Time for them to move their astronomy equipment into orbit and ditch ground-based observatories that can't coexist with massive satellite constellations.

  3. My answer to this is get the telescopes to the dark side of the moon and into orbit. Terrestrial telescopes are quickly to become extinct.

  4. Government Bureaucrats are again stopping technological Progress and positive developments Elon Musk demonstrates with his Starlink Satellites for Internet Access for ALL people ALL over the WORLD and IN RURAL no Internet accessibility by any other means.

  5. The Star link satellites were not established in their orbits when they got hit by the Solar Storm so NASA and the FAA Know they are making a FAKE ARGUMENT and FAKE FEARS of Starlink for other reasons as I have started to detail in next comment. Again Like Covid this is all about CONTROL of ALL People and Businesses.

  6. Political FAKE news and a Hack job by HATERS because ELON has not accepted the World Economic Forum ESG Environmental Social Media Government Equity SCORing for Everybody for everything requiring Money from Banks and Insurance meaning ALL PEOPLE on EARTH and if you do not bend a KNEE like Elon Musk Refuses to do they WARN of DESTROYING all that Oppose them. NASA all the BIG BANKS and Insurance Companies and Multi National Businesses Like Coca Cola and Perdue chicken foods support he GLOBALIST AGENDA of ESG Scoring.

  7. put the sats up in higher orbital shells then… can they put them up in 3000km – 5000km slots that are way above all the other crap that's in LEO?? it would probably increase latency but it would still be way lower than the geosync sats from Viasat and Hughesnet. then only other option is put up thousands of huge 1200ft terrestrial towers and get coverage to rural areas that way. It's 2022. this problem with sporadic coverage for internet is fixable, it's just no one wants to spend the money to fix it.

  8. Typical of Communists! First approve the project then hold the project hostage until Billions are sent to. Campaign accounts!

  9. Uhhum you make all the rules you want China is not going to follow them and they proved that putting up there space station. Truth is China is planning on doing the same thing as star link. And you think the Chinese give a dam about people not being able to use there telescopes 😃😂🤣😂😆😅😂🤣😆😅 your hilarious.

  10. what is elon is the real villain and want to trap us humans in the eath and himself run to live mars and we die in earth and same with is tech to control our brain and maybe hack it? it's a theory don't be scared that what i said

  11. the reason is because companies with far less vision but plenty of lobbyists are technically way behind. we cant stop moving forward to let the mediocre catch up

  12. If they want to stop it, Spacex should get 100% of the cost given back to them, rockets fuel labor cost. . . every thing!

  13. Dear GREAT SPACEX…. Please refrain from clickbait titles. The industry & its fans are taking notice & do not like it. False statements can & will be met with penalties & demonetization. Please be respectful.

  14. "We still have not received any response from him so far."
    Elon: "Relocate booster´s landing coordinates…!"

  15. That many satellites in LEO is a disaster like the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and why there should be governing boundary lines in international space. However, if SpaceX should take a different approach by building a death star-sized internet array link further out in GEOS orbit, we would all benefit much better than a trash of LEO constellations for FPS Gamers. SpaceX should forget about meeting the needs of FPS gamers but provide an affordable good decent accessible internet around the world and not the $500 monthly service; FPS Gamers is best at earth-based networks. There's no future for LEO constellations, Starlink will fail like StarShip.

  16. I cannot wrap my mind around what on earth spaceX is thinking by even attempting to place so many satellites in orbit!? Why?? We've been putting junk in our orbit for decades and honestly it already looks like a junkyard there! So I say WTH, stop polluting our earth and space for goodness sakes. Invent a new system that is wireless as Tesla thought of.

  17. I wonder with more space junk up there could it reflect sunlight away from Earth? Maybe not a bad thing if it cools the Earth.

  18. NASA, go back under the rock you came from. Leave SpaceX alone, if you want to get on to somebody get on to ULA, they have no rocket 🚀, why? NASA, you F**k up every thing you touch. NASA, SpaceX knows more about space than you do. Go back under your rock. And shut-up and leave SpaceX alone already. SpaceX can do all this alone, don’t need this negativity NASA.
    NASA gave BO, a contract to build a space station what a joke, another fool move, on their part and left SpaceX out of it. Goes to show u who nasa is in bed with. I think nasa is against SpaceX.

  19. why do they have to light them up??? is it just because they want them to look like stars, or is there an underlying reason for it. seems to me it'd be better to only light a few up, as opposed to 30k satellites interfering with the real constellations in the night sky.
    i can see the stars really well in my wyoming town, n ive already seen the existing line, n i dont really wanna see that, everytime i look up at night. no big deal for the city slickers, cause they dont even know what a star looks like, but for us, it really might be kind of shitty . thus, i present my question, why they gotta light all them up

  20. The thing last night seemed a bit amateur, maybe just his delivery was poor. Lets keep to launching rockets and building crazy shit

  21. Pseudoscientist who oppose Starlink are of the same kind as those who opposed the idea the Earth revolves around the sun. They abhor change because they are comfortable with their cherished status que and will fight it tooth, claw and shit ball.

  22. So NASA equates Starlink satellites with "debris", which given the amount of that debris left in orbit BY NASA is somewhat hypocritical, along with being plain WRONG. Debris (much of it NOT tracked) does not have thrusters and maneuvering systems. Clearly NASA should stick with wasting billions of tax dollars on it's re-enactment of the 1960s.

  23. No. Its all that junk that the governments have generated for all those decades and never done anything about it that is polluting orbits. NASA should take responsibility for leaving their junk in orbit and then complaining about someone else that tries to fit in there with all that junk in space. If they did clear all the junk im telling you there would be just too much space to complain about something. Plus on top of that its the governments who shoots satellites with rockets and generate even more fucking junk. Its should be NASA whom should be brought to curt.

  24. Look at who is running NASA? NASA is just jealous of SpaceX successes and cannot seem to catch up so they slow them down.

  25. Fair content but whoever came up with the title needs to be slapped. Not that anyone is making millions here I guess.

  26. Is NASA going to also sue Europe and China? Both are working on their own constellation satellite systems that copy Starling. We all know that the CCP is very concientious about safety and keeping the LEO environment uncluttered.

  27. I've long thought that allowing anyone anywhere to launch satellites on whatever orbit they want is a recipe for disaster. It wouldn't be so bad if everyone agreed on orbit rotation which would be like a 4 lane highway where everyone is going the same direction and vehicles of different speeds are easily avoided. But here we have satellites going every which way with combined approach speeds up to 35,000 miles per hour which makes it a lot harder to avoid collisions. It would make sense for NASA to assign each Starlink type array a dedicated altitude and orbit and not allow anyone else into that region, but then you have made it more difficult to get through that orbit to a higher one if it's densely populated.

    Without global oversight you have China doing whatever they want and like them killing satellites when they feel like it which generates thousands of bits of debris…and throw Russia into this conversation as they have done it too…space is on a trajectory toward being useless. Granted space is huge and even though there are thousands of satellites orbiting now…it's a problem that is only going to get worse with time. We can police ourselves and insist on deorbiting spent satellites…but for sure China, India or any of the other countries able to launch things into orbit won't follow suit which makes the effort much less effective. Just like pollution…this is a global matter and one country being responsible will easily be overshadowed by an irresponsible one.

    What to do about it? We've fought wars over oil or even less important things…perhaps we need to insist on a Global Space Authority which will oversee NEO and enforce the rules with whatever force is needed to achieve compliance. This might mean going to war against China…which every day looks like something that's going to happen in the future. If so..better sooner than later as the opposition just get stronger every day we wait. The longevity of the planet might be at stake here…so this is an important thing to consider.

  28. NASA is redundant and should just take a back seat to Mr. Musk and his SpaceX. He is and will be the cutting edge of Space Exploration.

  29. wonder who put Nasa up to it ..some one behind the scenes in dark corners i imagine lobbying …( you can come out now jeff )

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