NASA Just Suspends HLS Contract with SpaceX

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On Friday April 30th; NASA officially instructed SpaceX to stop all work on the Human Landing System contract until the GAO rules on the protests from Blue Origin and Dynetics

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  1. Bullshit. Welfare for military industrial complex. Starship is far ahead of sls snd and crap created by boeing, lockheed and rest.

  2. Even if Spacex loses this contract, it will be a loss to NASA and not Spacex. Also this will not slow down the Starship development in any way as Spacex has their own Dear Moon mission and ultimately Mars mission. Hopefully Spacex will reach Moon before NASA(Artemis).

    Nice video mate. Short and crisp, just the update no bs. Keep up the good work. ?

  3. Jeff Bezos, is one big fat COPY CAT, and a cry baby of NOTE….his Blue Origin.rocket company is absolutely worthless and useless to day the least… What have they contributed to and space program up until now….

  4. "Old boy" network in action… Boeing and Lockheed, joined by Blue Origin and the other old rocket companies ganging up to try to keep the money flowing into their pockets. Maybe if they'd spent their money on engineers instead of lobbyists and buying Republicans in Congress, they'd have a decent rocket, instead of the obsolete crap they're using to empty taxpayer wallets.

  5. Not sure why is calling SpaceX's bid $2.99B when it is $2.94B per the HLS Option A Source Selection Statement.

    This looks like sour grapes on Blue Origin and Dynetics part IMO. SpaceX didn't lower their bid, they just changed when milestone payments would arrive to fit NASA's yearl budget. So if BO was offered the same opportunity, they would still have a $5.99B bid. Worse, the Statement noted that the Blue Origin bid wanted upfront payments in violation of the rules of the bid and would require more negotiation. Evidently, neither SpaceX nor Dynetics wanted upfront money. Seems like that would be a cut and dried piece of information that really would not be subject to interpretation.

    SpaceX has been getting things done in the 19 years since the company was founded and Blue Origin not so much in the almost 21 years since they were founded. So, I would not be surprised that SpaceX would get the same rating for technical approach as Blue Origin's more conventional approach. The legacy space companies have a tendency to go over time and monetary budgets, so I'm not surprised that the Blue Origin bid was noted as not being as far a long as expected. I'm sure that BO and Dynetics will argue that their bids are not a problematic as the Statement suggested.

    And cost was NOT the most important factor per the Statement as the Technical Approach and Management Approach ratings combined overrode the Cost rating. So SpaceX won on merit AND price.

  6. It's not just Blue Origin and Dynetics protesting. Their strategic partners (Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, ULA, SNC, Draper, etc) are also on board by proxy. I'm not bashing Space X but one company winning EVERYTHING is not a good thing in regards to competition.

  7. Starship was going to happen before nasa was involved, and its going to happen without them too. Either nasa can choose to "go to the moon to stay" this time, or it can fund some cronies and a lander with which it cannot support any base building activities, and repeat the mistakes of the apollo program. Seeing the moon left to the mercy of the ccp and its stowaway roscosmos is sure a sad sight to see, but not a disaster. Im sure a regular starship can land on the moon on its own. No need for unnececary variants.

  8. If Jeff Bezos had got his finger out instead of adopting this absurdly slow pace he calls “Ferociously into the Future”, then he might have been in a better position. Instead he’s jealous of Elon Musk because of his utterly incredible achievements, which have won him masses of contracts & boosted confidence in Spacex, whilst Blue origin only has a small sub orbital rocket, which is yet to fly passengers, a few engines and some bits & pieces for New Glenn.

  9. SpaceX will be in orbit with their Starship by August if all goes well. While Blue Orgin will still be charging NASA to hold endless meetings on HLS and to make ever more sophisticated CGI renders of their lander. We are talking about the same company that can not reach orbit, and can even send their Kuiper satellites on their own rocket, instead having to hitch a ride with ULA.

  10. I wish Bezos spent more $ on R&D than lobbying and lawyers . . . but I guess, don't hate the players, hate the game.
    (btw high noise floor, you might need a closer mic with lower gain 😉

  11. Jeff Boo Hoo sux.
    Charges double what the lowest bid (SpaceX) and feels they could have come down if they knew cost was the problem…
    Jeff Boo Hoo sux.

  12. This problem is not NASA's it's Congress's due to not providing adequate funding for two contractors after the second phase of HLS contracts.

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