NASA Ingenuity is a success!!! But can SpaceX make a Mars Zeppelin work better?


The Angry Astronaut talks about the triumph of Ingenuity…and better ways to fly across the Red Planet.

Obituary for Dt. Gilbert Levin will be posted soon. He passed away less than a week ago.

In the meantime, here is the obituary for his brilliant colleague, Dr. Patricia Straat, who passed away last year.!/PhotosVideos

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  1. A blimp has advantages over a mini copter. If it loses power it doesn't crash, the payload could be heavier and it might be a more stable camera platform

  2. I love this guy. He is as pissed off or more than I am about the USA's progress. I was born the day the 70's began. We were on track then. I watched moon walks on TV. The memories are faint but I remember. It was like going to the corner store. Where is the base? Politics, that's what happened

  3. i love how this guys thinks he somehow knows better what will work best for the mission than hole bunch of engineers and scientists at NASA, lol. yeah, you tell them!

  4. Contact SpaceX. They will have more than enough space for a dirigible in their cargo hold.

  5. I'm not sure a zeppelin would be less complex than a copter. At first glance it seems easier, but hydrogen is tricky to store. A zeppelin would still need solar powered propellers to steer. And it needs to be controlled despite the delays in transmitting signals from Earth..

    I imagine it's easier to upload a flight plan to a mini helicopter and know where it's going to be and when it's going to be there..

    And it's probably easier to not worry about chemical processes for creating new hydrogen fuel for a zeppelin, and just use 100% solar to power a mini helicopter..

  6. What AA could do, is record a really good Angry "Stay Angry…" , when he actually is angry and use that clip at the end of each video. Just slide into the clip.

  7. Hydrogen is notoriously hard to contain because we don't have any materials it can't leak through yet. The ionising radiation on Mars would make things worse. I like the idea though, maybe we could use heated CH⁴ instead.

    Either way I'd say testing Moxie on Mars is a better use of resources for the goal of sending humans, they'll need O² to breathe there before they'll need transport.

  8. A A you are good at challenging what's actually happening in the space industry , and I think their are friends out there who take alot of notice of what is said mate ! Good questions and answers like this are needed to spur people on to get things moving ! I have always watched your videos from the start ! Keep them coming , Tom from the UK !

  9. An upside-down Blue Origin mug says everything about Blue Origin (more than a blown-up mug would) and is an attractive pedestal for a coffee mug! Some interests are afraid of finding what they call a second creation. Those interests do not like life to be found off-Earth, even if life actually has migrated off-Earth. Dirigibles are ideal in Venus´s atmosphere and cannot ignite if filled with hydrogen.

  10. It is difficult to make something fly on Mars because the atmosphere is thin.
    But I think it is easy to make something jump like Boston Dynamics robot dog on Mars because the gravity is low!
    Kind of Kangaroo?

  11. Planetary society looked at and supported a mars balloon trailing a sensor "snake", rising and falling with an internal heat source, but it got nowhere with NASA and the politicians.

  12. Hydrogen balloons? Seriously, does Hindenburg come to mind? Even if you could prove that an oxidizer could not get introduced (which I doubt) the PR reaction to that kind of idea would never fly (pardon the pun). Surely helium could be used instead? Perhaps not as efficient (molecular weight of 2 I believe vs 1), but an inert gas like He would be a heck of a lot safer. I'm thinking you could get trace amounts from the atmosphere and/or water, or solar particle impacts on the regolith, or from the decay of heavy elements which are bound to be on Mars.

  13. Obtaining oxygen from water might be easier and water on mars might be plentiful but certainly not in the atmosphere and not in the ground near the surface. So we will have to wait longer for such a mission.

  14. The reason NASA has Moxie and Ingenuity is that CO2 and sunlight are everywhere. For what you are proposing, you need water – and we don´t have access to water on Mars. Especially not where Perseverance landed.

  15. i love spacex too, i've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck for the long range & plan to buy the Y or S dual motor as well.i'm all invested in TSLA & I have a lot of solar to charge them both..

  16. 20:25 Exomars in 2022 is the next probe to Mars

    Its made by the ESA and its a replica of the 2016 version that failed to land , its orbiter ,is still oribiting Mars , all that remains is to send the rover again and hopefully land this time

    I dont know if the experiments you talked about will be there , there will certainly not be a ballon , but something that can create oxygen from water or detect life ? Maybe, if the ESA is smart

  17. Really don't understand NASA not including a more updated version of Dr Levin's life detection experiment. There basically saying the river is looking for signs of life but giving it no way to detect it. Crazy.

  18. i guess a balloon experiment would have been too much to bring. that could be another mission for nasa. they won't bring astronauts any time soon anyway. ingenuity is a great thing for recon missions, but a blimp or balloon would be a very efficient and reliable transport. the simplicity will make it safe: to land you only pump the hydrogen back into the bottle. for loss of gas they must find and split water and the excess oxygen is for the crew and equipment.

  19. Balloons seem like a good way to get airborne on Mars but controlling its direction is another problem. Balloons are at the mercy of the wind, even the Martian wind. A balloon solution would have to be a blimp with very large propellers. The idea sounds ok but if like to see an design before believing it's a better solution than ground transport.

  20. I want one of those robots to go to Mars with a microscope plus a bit of robotics and neural network to detect interesting images. This should be way within what's doable.

  21. I wonder what the Martians think of an alien bug helicopter flying around their planet

  22. Look AA. A lot of us are going nuts without Jixuan.
    Is there a way you can bring her on to your channel in a really good HD way?
    She won't need to travel, just we love her!

  23. Does the fact that there's less atmospheric pressure on Mars make vacuum dirigibles more plausible?

  24. Hey AA! Read your comment section. By the way, Joe Scott put out his video about how he reads his scrips done by others using a one way monitor in front of his cameras. His cameras see right through it. Get someone to find out more about this and why you do not need spotlights in your face. You have very Beautiful eyes man! Lets enjoy the real YOU without the gimmicks. What is your first name? I am Dave.

  25. AA is a really sincere, incredible fella and Father. Yeah, we all love him. He has great talent and found his perfect job, thank God for us. It freaks me out that he left 2 the future in the dust because he is only here because of that amazing, sweet, German couple. I understand that he is uncomfortable reading the comments on his videos. The truth is that I read as many as I can and there are next to none negative comments. He talks slow because he does not use a personal teleprompter designed for this application and is speaking his thoughts as he forms them. I am sure his kids are his biggest fans but he doesn't want to hear it. But Dad! He does not want to mess with what works. The Angry Astronaut is like nobody else. I think he should just get rid of the "gr" in his name and liven up to his new audience

  26. I don't think a Mars Zeppelin would be a step backwards. It's about finding the best solution for the environment. Keep up the great videos!

  27. A hydrogen Zeppelin would make a load of sense. On earth Hydrogen is super deadly due to our oxygen rich air.

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