NASA chooses Starship, Blue Origin and a KERBAL concept for Artemis Moon landing


NASA chose SpaceX’s Starship to go to the Moon, as well as a concept led by Blue Origin and a lander from Dynetics.
Exciting stuff!
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Will Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos fly on one of the vehicles themselves?

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  1. Dianetics Alpaca lunar lander looks surprisingly like the Mars Sky Crane if you dump the central habitat module. Perhaps it could be used to deliver cargo like rovers or other supplies. If you remove landing gear and add the deployable tether cables you could lower cargo and have your rocket engines at an angle and not kick up as much regolith reducing the risk of damage to the cargo. After the cargo touches down and the tethers cut it can return to orbit for refueling and reuse

  2. It's now April 19, 2021… 3 days ago NASA chose Lunar Starship as it's sole winner for the Option A Human Landing System contract. Meaning, the next 2 people to land on the surface of the moon will do so on a Starship. Unreal. Starship prototype #15 will likely fly this week. Hopefully this one sticks the landing & survives afterward. Regardless, this is happening folks.

  3. If nasa made cars.. car designed to go to store, car designed to go to work, car designed to go accross state.. WTFFFFFF Nasar!

  4. Uhm at 8:01 you sed that spacex will make 3 variants of starship but thats wrong spacex is making 6 starship variants the six are the starship crew,starship orbit cargo, starship surface cargo, starship tanker, starship lunar and starship interstellar

  5. Thanks for uploading. I had the opportunity to view a rocket launch in 2018. Memorable experience. I uploaded a pretty cool montage of the trip to my page.

  6. a few Starships will probably dwarf GLSS, just think of how big Elon’s new shuttle is..

  7. Starship definitely looks like the odd one out when compared to the other two options, but SpaceX has and is currently doing missions for NASA so I get the feeling that they might just get picked because of that fact. If Starship works well that is.

  8. Starship docking at gateway would look more like gateway docking at starship 😂

  9. Funnily enough I think the one from a video game sounds like the best approach,
    SpaceX isn't so good when it come to making Starship possible because of all the delays and re designs.
    Blue origins sound too expensive to launch and reuse.
    And Dynetics sound unprorshanil to real physics but still possible.

  10. I'm going to go with SpaceX because everything else looks like it's been done already why keep on redoing the same thing over and over again the other two Landers are basically the same thing that we put on the moon in the 60's did that been there move on

  11. 6:46
    A bullet, a rabbit and glued water tanks racing towards moon.

    My bet is on space x bullet and dynetics rabbit lander.

  12. So coming back to this, we know starship is very far along in construction (see SN5 150m hop), how are the other two contenders doing on their missions?

    From my personal searching (A quick googling), I cant actually find any information about them.

  13. Starship won't be docking to the gateway, the gateway will be docking to starship

  14. I am surprised that space x did not turn in crew dragon but I can see they wanted more cargo space

  15. I think that it will be starship, if it land its prove that it can land uman or Cargo

  16. SpaceX Starship will most likely be used primarilly for cargo delivery. Dynetics looks like the optimal choice for Astronauts. The National Team looks.. like there are too many chefs in the kitchen..

  17. Looking forward to the gigantic disaster when starship touches down and falls over because of a 0.01° slope in the ground.

  18. So starship is more of a bulk transport. The dynatics one is more of a short range lander. The apolo one is a small careir.

  19. I got a question about ksp 2 will we be able to use that huge thruster that is on that huge space ship that is connected to the space station that is orbiting jool will be able to use that gravity ring will we be able to have sandbox will we be able to use all the new parts for space ship building colony building and space station building will we be able to use everything that’s in ksp 2 for building space ships and for colony’s plz tell me when u read this and I’m a subscriber and will we be able to have our own countries flags and will we be able to make our own solar system and put our own ksc down and make the planet habitable and put a ring on the planet and make it a gas giant make it orbit on Xbox one ps4 and pc.
    And if u do read can u send or tell this to Nate Simpson some how PLEASE. Sincerely blue mate

  20. Musk's design and plan is more refined and offer way more convenience and capabilities. It looks like the future.
    In contrast the designs of the other companies looks like something from the 60's.

  21. Wonder what the flerfers will say. Probably more bs about holograms and faked moon landings, ha!

  22. Starship – Will not work. Are they serious? Looks like a 1950's concept.
    Blue Origin – Closer but looks too expensive.
    Dynetics – More practical but it's the more Kerbal of the designs.

  23. My experience is that tall rockets need reallyyyyy good Reaction wheels or incredibly flat terrain in order to not fall over.

  24. You sound like a nerdy Bane. Maybe try lowering the bass. By the way, I can hear the saliva in your mouth.

  25. Ok it is great that there is more than just one company to vote for and that there is more than just one company trying to get into dpace and colonise it. However non can beat Spacex lift capacity in tonnage space X has the most realistic chance of mankind being able to coloninise the Moon or Mars / space. For while Blue origin and Dynamics machines are all good though they still havent been properly tested even once they have been tested they can still only take three to four people into space to the Moon or Mars at a time where as once Space X's Starship is completed it promises to be able to take 100 people at a time into space or 100 tons of cargo and that is the difference between them if all goes well then spacex will offer the most realistic chance of getting there and colonising with more people and equipment faster than anyone else and tgeir rockets ate reuseable they can go up there and and and take off from the moon or mars and then land back down here on Earth

  26. super heavy is technicaly a larger falcon 9 in design according to elon. its new raptor engine however still needs to be tested

  27. I'm a life long fan of astronauts and space exploration. Yet sadly ive seen so many moon projects given the thumbs up only to die quietly later. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again here. Yet with the coroner virus and economic doom looming i give this project about 9% chance of happening in the next 15 years!

  28. I agree with Robert Zubrin….
    "My take on #Artemis landers.
    Blue-LM: LOx/H2 enables ISRU++ three stages- -. #NASA’s choice.
    Dynetics: Smart Configuration ++, Hypergols disables ISRU – -.
    #SpaceX– Great one-way heavy lander, but requires 20,000 lbf to land, could dig crater unless pad prepared in advance."

    The problem that Zubrin alludes to with "….unless pad prepared in advance", is because the experience of the Apollo was I understand that all the Apollo LEMs landed a few degrees off-level. I also understand that the design limit for LEM ascent stage lift-off is variously stated as 12 or 15 degrees. Apollo 15 was tilted somewhere around 11 degrees (6.9 degree pitch-up and 8.6 degrees left roll).

    I think 15 degree would be the limit. It appears that the Starship has a high centre of gravity…

    I would not want to be landing on the moon for the first time in Starship…. I think there is a real risk of it falling over… something that Zubrin recognises…

  29. NASA should use Dynetics or Blue Origin for the first few landings, then use SpaceX for the lunar base.

  30. Last choice leaves trash behind with each use. Each use requires a new one gets built. Not a good plan as I see it.

  31. Everyone is saying that “proven tech” will allow Blue Origin and Dynetics to land first but, SLS tech was pretty damn proven, it’s been in development for 10 years (20 if you count Constellation), and is still several years away from a first launch. SpaceX has had a track record of fast and efficient iteration on their designs, has developed 3 launchers, 2 spacecraft, and has almost a hundred flights under its belt to a variety of orbits, mostly in the last 5 years, with unprecedented vertical integration and flexibility. Hell, they’ve even technically already launched a Super Heavy Lift class vehicle.
    Further, their other projects need Starship to succeed, such as Starlink and DearMoon.
    Meanwhile, Blue Origin has spent 22 years to launch a suborbital hopper. Of course, New Glenn could be great, but it’s far from proven, and Dynetics seems to mostly be an arms company based in Huntsville Alabama, so I’m not holding my breath.

    Proven tech is great, but as SLS shows, it can not make up for a streamlined and proven organizational system. Much like soldiers win wars, organization systems win development. The tech’s heritage is honestly secondary.

  32. Shadows one, very good video. I've already learnt the answer to which company will be building the HLS to land the next generation of astronauts on the Moon, my advice is you would need to look at the latest news from the Blue Origin website. Besides I've first learnt the information on Facebook first from a channel group.

  33. My question for the landing thrusters on starship. Boeing starliner's abort system uses RS-88 engines which originally ran on oxygen and ethanol fuel, but have since been modified to run on hypergolic fuels. Could SpaceX modify the SuperDraco's to run on a methalox cycle or am I asking for too much?

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