NASA / Blue Origin New Shepard NS-13 Rocket Perfect Launch and Landing


Blue Origin successfully completed the 13th New Shepard mission on October 13, 2020. New Shepard flew 12 commercial payloads to space on this mission, including the Deorbit, Descent, and Landing Sensor Demonstration with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate under a Tipping Point partnership. This was the first payload to fly mounted on the exterior of a New Shepard booster rather than inside the capsule, opening the door to a wide range of future high-altitude sensing, sampling, and exposure payloads.

Also on board were tens of thousands of postcards from students around the world from Blue Origin’s nonprofit, Club for the Future, some of which will include a special NASA Artemis stamp.

With this successful mission, New Shepard has flown more than 100 payloads to space across 10 sequential flights. All mission crew supporting this launch exercised strict social distancing and safety measures to mitigate CO VID-19 risks to personnel, customers, and surrounding communities.

Credit : Blue Origin

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  1. That was Awesome! I was able to pay full attention.😍😍😍😍😍😍 I support all Space Exploration👍

  2. Why not make a second stage and lift small payloads to orbit? And why doesn't New Glenn use drag brakes?

  3. This is impressive, but wouldn’t a simulator offer a safer, almost identical experience for a space tourist?

  4. I still want to buy my ticket..
    ..and I'm working for that !
    Only one life to live So..

  5. Have these people never watched a Spacex launch? Bezos probably keeps all his employees is the dark on how vastly superior watching Spacex flights are in comparison. This just looks like childs play in comparison and vastly underwhelming. Sorry, it just is.

  6. It is cool for what it is, it employs at lot of people, that is a real good thing, other then that it is just another play toy for the super duper wealthy, not something the average American will ever be able to afford, I just hope there is enough wealthy folks to keep it going, I also think there is going to have to be a re-thinking of what exactly is the real definition of what an astronaut really is, someone with a lot of money is not or never will be a astronaut, astronauts, real astronauts are heros, a rich person with money to burn is not.

  7. Perfect rocket. Amaterish commentary. Even amateur comentators of space X are more capable of saying more then wow and beatutiful …..

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