NASA Astronauts Spotted Training for SpaceX's Next Space Station Mission

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Construction of the Cape Starfactory is progressing rapidly, Astronauts were spotted doing some emergency training, and we get a look at some more New Glenn hardware (via Blue Origin’s NS-22 broadcast).

Video and Pictures from Stephen (@spacecoast_stve), Julia (@julia_bergeron), and Thomas (@TGMetsFan98). Narrated and Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer). Script by Adrian (@BCCarCounters) and @Justin (@OGNovuh).

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  2. All thanks to Maskoffweb on YouTube for making me rich by getting me a lot of money to my PayPal account successfully within some minutes he’s an expert in doing it am recommend him to you all

  3. A timestamp list sure would be great. I don't really care about anything Blue Origin. So when I skip ahead and accidentally miss other content having a list would be great.

  4. Thank you for this, but I an interested as to what is happening with the cranes on the Blue Origin launch platforms at 07:52? Would you be able to elaborate?

  5. I really appreciate these narrated videos, really useful and informative!
    I'm happy that the progress of SpaceX on Cape is so fast!

  6. The title changed from "progress to the starbase in florida" to "astronauts training"
    I guess it bring more views

  7. Love the narration on this, would be great to have more bite sized summaries of other sites (Mac Gregor, Starbase- I know there have been some there but still) and their activity even if there is a lot more daily content on non KSC sites. If only Best Coast launch sites (Vandy, Kodiak, and Barking Sands) weren't all near missile test sites that don't allow flyovers …

  8. So much dead air between cuts and your voice over, need to take about a half second off of those. I kept wondering if I accidentally paused the video

  9. Those aren't "controlled burns" they are "prescribed burns". A controlled burn would be to burn a pile of stuff. A prescribed burn would be to burn the plant growth both alive and dead on a chosen area of land.

  10. underbrush in forests can cause uncontrolled burning that sometimes results in loss of life and property

  11. After all these years, the SLS(Is it ULA's?) and Blue Origin are finally making significant progress. Very good to see.

  12. L personally would of waited till the original Tower have been tested properly before building the second one.
    The grabbing arm haven't been tested properly.yet
    But work Elon Musk doing make me proud of America

  13. With all that North, East, South, West talk, wouldn't it be a good idea to include a compass on these images for those of us who don't watch, drive and fly around there all the time? lol

  14. regarding the controlled burns at KSC. I feel like its important to point out that burning forests once in a while is actually healthy for them, and was a part of their natural cycle before humans came along trying to prevent them.

  15. If Spacex isn't doing this already, I think they should build that Launch table one tower section length higher if they are going to build a taller tower in Florida. OLT needs longer legs. One whole tower section length longer legs.

  16. Thanks NSF & Vance for the awesome views! Impressive to see, that SpaceX is making faster progress, than you can produce videos.
    But, Joey B might scream at 10:37 😀