NASA Adds Blue Origin's Orbital Launcher New Glenn


A short while ago, NASA announced that it would be adding Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin’s New Glenn to its roster of commercial launch vehicles for flights in the mid-2020s. The newly signed contract means that New Glenn will be added to the list of commercial launch vehicles that would be able to carry NASA payload to space. Today on Super Freaky Science, we’ll be looking at what this means for commercial launches going forward, and we’ll be going through a rundown of the commercial launch vehicles that New Glenn may have to contend with to get a NASA contract.

  1. Looking forward to competition in this sector. Follow your process BO, get it right first time. Theres only room for one hot head in this industry.

  2. when?… where? uhm. are we putting the cart in front of the horse here? If there was true competition which makes for a fantastic market then space exploration and industry would make incredible leaps in technologies and abilities, currently only a few companies have reached orbit which is way easier to say, promote, advertise, but to do it? much more difficult! i'm very excited for the debut of BO new Glenn, when? where?

  3. I have read somevere about stretched up methalox second stage with vacuum optimised BE4.
    It might increace cargo capacity to seventy tonnes . If it is true New glenn is able to replase SLS in artemis programm.

  4. First one to view and the first one to comment. All the love from South Africa 🇿🇦

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