My prediction for Space Tourism including Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Jeff Bezos


Will Space Tourism be tiny or huge by 2030?

Three billionaires are in a battle: Jeff Bezos with Blue Origin, Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) and Elon Musk with SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft.

In this video, I make a prediction about how huge Space Tourism will be by 2030. We start by explaining what space tourism is and looking at the technologies behind spacecraft that will be used to fly space tourists.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flight in July was a true success. Jeff Bezos is scheduled to fly to space with his brother and a winner of his space auction in his New Shepard spacecraft in July also. He is flying with his brother, Mark Bezos, and 82 year old Wally Funk and 18 year old Oliver Daemen.

Unlike Branson and Bezos, who focus on Kármán line suborbital space tourism (ie flying to 100km), Elon Musk concentrates more on orbital space tourism, where people spend several days in space.

We also discuss why big companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are betting on space tourism and how likely is it for space tourism ticket prices to be affordable for the average consumer.

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Learn what matters and see what prediction I make:
00:00 Introduction
00:38 Technology
04:31 Companies: Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX
07:59 Love
11:04 Jobs
12:27 Prediction

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  1. 조종사 있는게 없는것보다 나을거 같음. 고로 버진갤럭틱이 최고 👍

  2. Planes don't go to Space. Helium Balloons don't go there either.They keep pushing back the promise of Space Tourism for the last 25 years. It looks like they will add another 25 years to wait. People are now asking questions whether Space is real.

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