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Here is the video about the movies those satellite rights are mostly sold to one network. Some Production company having one favourite Satellite Partner that movies are explained in our video.


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  1. Bro! Sun tv la niraiya movies oru time premier pannitu adhuku aprom podave illaiye bro …eg: Thadam,Achcham yenbadhu madaimaiyada, iravukku aayiram kangal (not premiered in sun tv) and arudhra but intha movies ellam ktv niraiya vaati potu irukan bro.what is the reason for sun tv not telrcasting this movies??

  2. Bro pona varam friday emmagan movie 9.30 am pottanga
    Mattum 11.00 pm marupadiyum intha padatha pottanga bro

  3. Natpuna enna theriuma movie satellite rights pathi ouru video poduga bro 🙏

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