More Starlink Satellites have been launched by SpaceX! 2nd Dishy McFlatFace to show you whats NEW!

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Previously, I have shown you the starlink disk in a rural area in Washington state in the USA. If you missed the previous video, here is the link.

Now that SpaceX has launched more and more of Starlink Satellites, urban Portland Oregon USA is finally has Starlink coverage! In this video, I will show you what is new with SpaceX Starlink and go over the following
Unboxing Better Than Nothing Starlink Beta box kit
Parts details with close up shots and measurements of cable length
The whole installation process using the Starlink pole mount and setup
3D designing and modeling my original innovative Cable-Window coupler and 3D printing it for routing the Starlink cable through a window and avoiding wall drilling.
finally, do some speed tests!!! I think you might find the speed test results surprising! I include download speed upload speed unloaded latency and loaded latency.
On the client and server side, I used the following
Client Server
Seattle, US Seattle, US | Hillsboro US
Hathorne, US Los Angeles US | San Jose US
Hathorne, US Los Angeles US | Los Gatos US
For the download payload, I used 50MB, 140MB, 60MB and for the upload payload I used 10MB, 30MB and 20MB
For the test connection, I used Ethernet cable, not WiFi
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Time line
00:00 intro and unboxing
02:45 parts close up
03:05 cable length
03:45 Dish mount Pipe adapter
05:39 installation
09:58 C-W coupler V1 3D design
11:36 C-W coupler V1 3D printing and test
13:00 C-W coupler V2 3D design
15:03 C-W coupler V2 Test
16:45 Starlink internet speed test

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