Michael Strahan's space liftoff | ABC News


“Good Morning America” co-anchor Michael Strahan launches to space as a crew member aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

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  1. This is not history
    This is a joy ride not even to orbit. This is a waste of time and money for a tourism joy ride for a few minutes. SpaceX and NASA now that's history. This is cringy presentation cringy everything

  2. Must be nice to be rich enough to waste money going into space for a few minutes . Why don't you give that money to the poor and homeless. Instead of wasting it on yourself. Your a joke Michael.

  3. How are they official astronauts? Do you call everyone that rides a plane a pilot? They are far from astronauts, they are rich people that paid for a ride.

  4. Good to see his privilege allowed him to go to space while the rest of us are stuck on earth, working and blah blah blah.

    Hmmm being such a "racist" country, im wondering how the insane left will handle this?

    Keep drinking the kool aid of the press.

  5. I'm happy for them but just imagine how many homeless people could ate off the cost of that

  6. So why wouldn't you hook up the morning media guy that represents your station with a microphone to interview him any moment after he comes down from SPACE! Isn't that your one hookup with this whole thing to actually have that exclusive?? I would consider that a total loss if I were ABC!

  7. Jeff Bezos is a joke. His “space” program is a gimmick. Elon has actually succeeded sending real astronauts to the space station. Jeff is a clown.

  8. Space X is better. These guys didn’t really go into space. lol they just touched low earth orbit and fell back to earth. This video is cringe.

  9. Pleaseeeeeee take the top flat earthers up next……. let them idiots see with their own eyes that we live on a globe.

  10. Michael, what a tool, used by Bezos to further the illusion that BO is doing something other than creating a carnival ride fir the Rich and Famous while six of his Amazon employees families grieve their loss and Jeff says boo. Speaking of tools, let’s also count the media corporations that giddily promote this propaganda.

  11. Love him or hate him, Jeff Bezos is still the best richest man in the whole wide world, and full of surprises, may the good Lord always be his Shepherd.

  12. Big deal, now we'll all be bored by his t.v. buddies gushing all over him and telling how brave he was.
    And then he'll bore us all with his babbling on about this "experience". And how he hopes this contribution will help future space exploration. Blah, Blah, Blah.This is nothing but an amusement ride for the rich. So they can play in a bouncy house. Calling them ASTRONAUNTS is a great disservice to the real ones. This coverage is pathetic.
    Let me remind some of you kids that Alan Shepard about 60 yrs. ago went twice as far into space for twice as long, then landed in the ocean. In what was nothing more then a tin can. The first American to do so. Now that took courage.

  13. No experience or training needed and still be able to become a astronaut, way to easy. I wish instead spending so much time stealing tax payers money maybe they should focus on the pandemic, more important imo.

  14. Wow! Great! 👍 👌 Awesome 👌!Thanks for Sharing! 😊😇🥰🙏👍🏾👌😷🙏👍🏾

  15. Millionaires UES to build libraries, set up scholarships, build colleges and feed the hungry. NOW MILLIONAIRS AND BILLIONAIRS pay millions person. Disgusting use of money and resources. Million per person wasted while on earth millions are hungry, homeless and in need. Disgusting. Big Penis -Small People in it. 2050 is the mathematically predicted year when our earth and the humans on it WILL be in peril. ONLY 29yrs to our global count down, no even a generation away. This is just disgusting.

  16. The earth is flat it is so obvious because why won't they show the view from before.THE EARTH IS FLAT PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!

  17. I don't see why people haven't figured out that Jeff Bezos is addicted to phalluses or shape there of. His logo for Amazon looks like a curved phallus, and his rocket ships look just like a phallus. Jeff likes his phalluses to travel the world and to share it with others. lol Billionaires are sick in the head, that is for sure.

  18. I would of watched this, but I was in the bathroom with explosive diahrea. I was blasting off myself

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