Michael Strahan Is Being Sent to Space by Jeff Bezos


“Good Morning America” co-anchor and former NFL player Michael Strahan will become the latest civilian to be shot into space by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin. Strahan, who is 6 feet 5 inches, will become the tallest man in history to go to space. He revealed he has been secretly training for the mission, which will take off in just over two weeks. Also on board will be Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of Alan Shapard, the first American astronaut to fly in space.

  1. I keep saying that they keep shooting people off the space every couple of weeks 3 weeks per month it's just a matter of time for tragedy hits.

  2. I’m grateful to.☝️ for what they did for me they helped me with $10,000 via bank transfers

  3. I’m grateful to ☝️ for what they did for me they helped me with $10,000 via bank transfers

  4. I’m 6’6 I’m not getting my black self in space but wish the brotha all the best good to see Jeff bezos giving opportunities to successful black man but I will also like to see normal regular people having this same opportunity in their lifetime

  5. Yeah spend millions to send a famous football player to space but not a dime to help the struggling working poor people.

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