Michael Strahan and crewmembers talk final preparations ahead of space launch l GMA


The “GMA” co-host, along with Laura Shepard Churchley, Lane Bess, Cameron Bess, Evan Dick and Dylan Taylor, discuss their thoughts ahead of Thursday’s launch on the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.

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  1. Who cares if Strahan takes a giant penis to space? Who cares anything about him? Why is this stupid video in my feed anyway?

  2. Why is it that he needs to bring like a momento. As if he's going to be there for like years or something, or never going to return back. If anything, he's only going to be there for minutes, maybe hours, before he comes back down to earth. It's stupid.

  3. Wish, I was going up there with you, Michael Strahan…. Have fun, buddy… do some flips, while you're up there. 😂

  4. Michael this is going to be so fun😁 it's going to be like you're on the T'ee on the football field and the best kicker in the world run up and kick you in your glorious Maximus and your launched between the goalposts💥🚀🌎 I hope you took the football with you🏈 enjoy the ride😉
    P.S. send me that autograph ✒🏈

  5. OH NO! Here comes ANOTHER DISNEY publicly event….. In a few years, this or a simulation, will probably be at Walt Disney World……

  6. Gotta wait till Saturday for the launch now, but that's better because on a weekend more people can look at it

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  9. I honestly think millionaires around the world should pay for free Covid tests to everyone easy to get instead of wasting money on this 💩

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