Man Discovers Mysterious Starlink "Earth Station"


Clip From Lew Later (Boston Dynamics Does it Again…) – .

  1. Nothing says "secret" in that sticker. All it says is that the product does not have approval from governments etc. to be sold for customer (private or company) use.

  2. I wish I could get one. I live in the most rural area in Massachusetts. I’ve requested like 4 times in the past month. They gotta put there money where there mouth is. I’m starting to get service from AT&T in my area and the Viasat internet is also starting to get better for streaming and gaming. I won’t be a customer if they keep me waiting any longer.

  3. These are taking internet from the existing fiber network in that community and sending it up to the satellites. That connection is then sent from the satellites to the home users dishy.

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  5. Starlink proved they can use lasers to connect there satellites which would require less ground stations to link to. The lasers make for faster times and so a shipping container I the middle of the ocean can connect to Starlink internet. So Lew has it wrong on the purpose/function of Starlink ground stations.

  6. All satellites need a downlink base(earth) station. And the more down links that you have spreads the traffic and reduces bottlenecks. The star link consumer facing part is still a personal parabolic dish. Expect to see lots of these spread throughout the services areas to service the traffic.

  7. Did you guys do any research? No. Those "grounding stations" send earth based signals to the starlink network. How do you think you "get online" to common services based on the ground like… google?! Ground stations simply provide internet to the starlink network. Not the other way around like you think how it works here…. Actually shaking my head.

  8. People don’t realize that all of the Internet is ground based fiber optic wires even ran underwater through the oceans. Just like GPS for the most part is also ground based system with some on balloons that can be tracked with Google. Get your knowledge up and stop being fooled.

  9. This is not for providing internet to nearby areas but to communicate with their satellites that pass above them. Many ppl already said it but one more comment won’t hurt

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