Living with Satellite Internet – Update


Life with Satellite internet, a couple months down the road. Generally, it works. I have to watch almost everything at low res to stay within my monthly data allowance. And I’ll really be in a pinch once I sell my place in the city and don’t have cable internet to lean on for uploads and etc. I need to find someone within a half-hour drive who’d let me use their high-speed internet! Manistee, Cadilac, or Luddington even TC if I had to… .

  1. Hold tight. In a year or two, satellite internet is going to be really good – on par or even better than copper and fiber thanks to SpaceX, Amazon, and whoever else is getting in the low orbit satellite internet game.

  2. Right click on the video window and click "stats for nerds". It will show the connection speed, network activity and buffer health. Sometimes YT locks up on its own especially when skipping ahead.

    Does your library have internet?

  3. Satellite internet has certainly came along. I've never really had to use it. But my friends old place was the first time I ever experienced satellite internet. They had one of the old GEN hugesnet systems at first where it was 1.5mbps down. And then latter got Gen4 which was an improvement but ehh. But its better than nothing at all.

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