Live coverage of the arrival of NASA’s SpaceX Demo Mission-2 crew


Live coverage of the arrival of NASA’s SpaceX Demo Mission-2 crew, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston.

#CrewDragon #SpaceX
Credit : NASA

This video has been used with NASA permission here :

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  1. Where is the SpaceX logo? Jim Bridenstine is a corrupt conservative hack that is an embarrassment to the talented and commented people that make NASA great. Jim would rather pay Boeing huge amounts of taxpayers money for delays and boondoggles as the kickbacks flow to his cronies like Ted Cruz. This achievement is all because of SpaceX and Elon Musk who forced this turd to go along or be left behind. This is a SpaceX honor and Jim's pathetic attempt at a tag along is just another example of his flip-flop character. Thank you Elon! We are all proud of SpaceX.

  2. Leave the bloody moon alone. It's NOT yours (bloody cheek). IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD. You need to help the disenfranchised. That Elon Musk has a finger in every pie.

  3. Simply magnificent. Space exploration highlights some of the best parts of humanity and what we can accomplish. The drive to create, explore, further advance our technolgy, and improve the wellness of the prople in this world. Thank you those special people like Elon Musk who motivate and drive the energy of the public and for us to look within our selves to always see the best in humanity.

  4. Space is water. The earth is flat and square, supported by four great pillars, immovable and covered by the firmament dome. The South Pole, is a high walled, ring of ice, which contains, the earth's oceans. Beyond the ring of ice, are many uncharted lands. The sun and the moon (equal in size, approx. 50 kms. in diameter) are just lights, that hover, in a circular trajectory, beneath the dome. The stars and planets, are just lights, inside, the revolving dome. There is no gravity, rather, think in terms of, the density of air, i.e. an object that is denser than air, motions towards the ground, an object less dense than air, rises up, into the air. Similarly, in water, think in terms of buoyancy.

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