LAUNCHING NOW! SpaceX Starlink 4-12 Launch


LIVE! SpaceX Starlink 4-12 Launch
#Starlink #SpaceX #Spacex

Date : March 18, 2022
Launch Site : SLC-40
Location : Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, USA
Rocket : Falcon 9 Block 5
Booster: TBA
Payload : 49 Starlink Satellites (Shell 4)

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  1. @The Launch Pad — something to consider… At 18:30 you so you're getting mixed reviews in the chat about whether people can hear you or see you. This is probably because when you are live streaming not everybody watching is completely caught up with everybody else. On youtube, if something slows down or delays the audio even for a moment at the viewer's end, it will not automatically catch back up but rather we'll continue from that point with accumulated lag. That includes if the user has paused the video at any time and then resume from there. For example, if someone has to take a phone call while they're watching your video. I usually work around that when watching a live stream by setting the play speed to something like 1.5, so that it has a chance to catch up without me missing something, but not everybody will be doing something like that and not everybody will necessarily even realize how much lag they might be dealing with.

  2. Interesting that this Falcon 9 mission represented the heaviest payload a Falcon 9 has ever carried. Impressive!

  3. What do y'all think of free Starlinc and some receivers to Russia? So Russians can learn the TRUTH. Even if just one month.

  4. Taylor from Baltimore MD!!! Huge space X, and Elon follower in general. Hope this mission and future missions are successful and the public hears more about the advances and benefits from these companies and how they benefit our future. I don't feel like enough credit is given so keep sharing people!! And if your watching this with any negative intent please keep that to yourself of place your efforts into something you do believe in. 😘🥰 Keep going guys!!!

  5. GOD BLESS AMERICA we don't need Russian rockets to go space we can build at home here in AMERICA

  6. I think that if Elon acquired another drone ship I think it should be named now if you will excuse me

  7. That was terrible and devastating who could have thought something like that could have happened to those poor satellites owie

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