Launch. Land. Repeat.


#NewShepard has flown 15 successful consecutive missions to space and back above the Kármán Line through a meticulous and incremental flight program to test its multiple redundant safety systems. Now, it’s time for astronauts to climb onboard.

  1. how the fuck is this approach aggressive? starship development is aggressive, not just repeating the exact same dress rehearsal over and over and over again

  2. BO stinks…not matter where. Where are the SLS engines you promised? While you SUE the government. You are stabbing NASA. You will fail, again.

  3. You guys used a Goldeneye64 sound effect at 0:11, when the rocket stage separates! Unmistakable sound from childhood. Haha.

  4. Where is the video inside the capsul? Why you don't show their happy faces? Ashton was right when took his money back.

  5. Blue origin god bless you to Jeff sir its success the mission ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Jeff Bezos is a criminal because he is collaborating with the criminal US Army. The US military is killing children and women in Yemen.
    Islam is the path of truth

  7. This comment section is a textbook demonstration of bullying. The majority here is complicit. Imagine your life's work being regarded in this way. If you can not put yourself in their shoes right now then *you are part of the problem*. "yea but Jeff Bezos bla bla bla bla…", get off your high horse.

  8. Why blue origin don't build electric scooters like xiaomi & ninbot against climatchange? You guys harm the planet with those rockets Investing money to harm the planet. Invest in life ecosistems not in space.

  9. I hope Blue Origin explodes like a beautiful piñata showering Bezos' wealth on the people of earth

  10. SPACE FOR ALL – With bellow idea, common people can have 'nearly' the same experience at less than $50 . In fact BO can do it themselves for millions of people who otherwise can't afford such experience in thier lifetime because of the price. Can see lot of comments here complaining about price being very high. Doing this can generate lot of goodwill and positive publicity for Blue Origin and get many people interested in space tech-travel.. something JB said he wants to do..

    What if you make an exact copy of the non flying capsule – starliner ( interior and exterior), keep it on a mount inside a big elliptical shaped room whose walls and floor are created with hd-oled screen which will mimic "out of window" scenes of stratosphere ( from actual footage, selected best earth – space views). Additionally with mechanical movements of the craft, pre-recorded actual scenes and sounds, you can recreate the same experience one gets in space. ( from launch – in space to touchdown ) .. Barring zero gravity or weightlessness, you can create nearly the same experience those high paying customers are having but at a fraction of a cost ..may be as little as $50/-. Works in the same way those virtual flight simulators work, but on a much larger scale. On actual space flight you don't get to come outside the craft, you can just see what is outside the window sitting in the capsule. In fact you can virtually tour ( fly by- touchdown ) moon, and all the planets by using this idea ..

  11. Imagine if blue origin stocks a new Sheppard with flat earthers to convert them to round earthers.

  12. Jeff, you are becoming a laughing stock. and your ego is opening up dirty politics.May wanna stick to drop shipping garbage to materialistic consumers…. I hear drones are cool. Might wanna look into those. I hear they are easy to fly.

  13. Blue origin and spaceX are about future… ❤❤❤
    Hope both get what they are meant for!

  14. Wow, B.O. sucks. Jeff Bezos Loses Lander Competition, cries to Congress = $10B shitty 4 man lander. Hey Bezos, gonna get that unearned 10 Billion to make a little bigger rocket that barely hits the Stratosphere? Elon earned it. You haven’t. Instead you’re looking for government handouts. Wow…that’s my taxes you asshat. What’s worse is I know you’ll keep losing so you’re literally blowing my money on garbage.

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