KVH V30 – Affordable Unlimited Internet At Sea? New Mobile Satellite Internet Option


Satellite equipment and service provider KVH announced a new lower-cost satellite broadband receiver system, along with new “unlimited” data plans targeting the recreational boating market.

“KVH will proudly debut a breakthrough new product that will make connecting at sea more accessible and affordable than ever before. Live, work, relax onboard… just like home.”

Is this device and data plans actually able to offer ‘just like home’ internet at sea?

For the full story:

KVH Introduces High Performance TracPhone V30 Marine VSAT Antenna and Unlimited Data Plan Options for “Affordable Internet at Sea”

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  1. The Iridium GO is another option for mariners for calling, texting and one page emails. Surfing forget it. Also the GO is scheduled to have a faster version by next summer.

  2. The longer they pretend that the SpaceX doesn't exist and becoming the gorilla in that space, the better candidate for selling short this company.

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