KSP – Episode 199 – Duna Satellite Network!

In this episode I launch the satellite network for both Duna and Ike This will be my last launch for anything for the duna mission. For those of you who hated it the hard part is over… I hope.

Kerbal Space Program or KSP is a game that allows you to construct rockets and probes and explore celestial bodies. Its up to you how the future of the kerbal’s space program is achieved by either success or Jebidiah’s wife beating you to death.
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Music By: Kevin MacLeod
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  1. yeah I was trying but my frame rate was like 5 until the very end so I wasn't getting very good control.

  2. yeah i figured so. I just thought it might be labeled something different since what I had before was AS? Yeah i have used this one single design for almost everything on my channel. It has changed a lot over time.

  3. ap stageing got u into a high orbit with out useing the next stage fuel which is always good can't w8 for the duna transfer and setup

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