Kerbal Space Program Live – Sarnus Satellite Network SSTO – Part 3 – Arriving At Sarnus

KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM LIVE CHALLENGE! – Part 3: After a not-so-smooth time figuring out maneuvers in the last stream, SARNY MCSARNFACE has arrived in Sarnus’ sphere of influence, and my God is this planet beautiful, even from a distance!. We won’t be at much of a distance for long though, as we’ll need to try an aerobrake within the gas giant’s atmosphere to even make an orbit for satellite deployment possible.

This challenge, keep in mind, also involves RemoteTech, so we’ll need to account for signal delay for all of our maneuvers as well.

No refueling will be permitted during the flight, however, the plane does not need to be recoverable. Super awesome bonus if it is though. 🙂

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  1. Dang I was so excited to see the shuttle go into the atmosphere. That was nuts it goes to show how thick the atmosphere is I felt like a guy at mission control getting excited watching this unfold😊

  2. You could use the dish of the other sat while adjusting the orientation and communicate with it via the omni antenna. That would increase the time you have before you run out of power. Another try could be to rotate the whole ship before releasing.

  3. I know he probably wont read this chat now that the stream is over, but i assume why when you use flight computer there is a delay but when using controls (WASDQE) there isn't and my guess would be for usability, could you imagine trying to land on a planet, (or a moon with an atmosphere) with a plane that has 7 min or more delay(honestly even 10 seconds would be really hard) it would most likely be impossible.