JUST IN! Elon Musk & Microsoft's BIG Partnership Changes Everything!


SpaceX and Microsoft are teaming up around Starlink and cloud businesses. The two businesses are among the fastest-growing making it smart for the two companies to see how they can aid one another. Despite the rift between Elon Musk and Microsoft’s former CEO Bill Gates, this has, however, not stopped the collaboration of Musk company and Microsoft. The partnership between the duo company would allow Microsoft to connect its Azure cloud computing platform to SpaceX’s network of low-Earth-orbiting satellites, offering the software company an edge in its battle with the rival cloud platform from Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O.).

In case you are wondering what Starlink is, it is a company with its division within the SpaceX aerospace company, and it’s a network company that is believed to be the future of human internet connection. This Starlink venture began its development in 2015 and has some prototype satellites launched into orbit in 2018. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation, which is mainly operated by SpaceX and it provides internet access to people across the earth irrespective of the location, in a nutshell, Starlink is a Wi-Fi connection provider which can connect its users to the internet all day-to-day internet activities. Just like the normal internet service provider (Verizon, At&t, and others) connects and gives their customers access to the internet, that is the principal aim of Starlink but in an advanced approach; this internet constellation is expected to provide humans with internet access even in the remotest area of the earth.

SpaceX is sending up its Starlink satellites rapidly into space to cover the entire planet in a short while; presently there are about 2,000 stalling Starlink satellites in orbit, but SpaceX-Starlink will need tens of thousands of its satellites to achieve its goal of covering the whole earth and making its internet connection available to the whole earth. However, the partnership with SpaceX Starlink and Microsoft will provide high-speed, low latency satellite broadband for Microsoft’s Azure Modular Datacenter, the company said in a blog post. With the new move, Microsoft aims to make Azure the platform and ecosystem of choice for the mission needs of the space community.

Microsoft has further said it has brought together a team of space industry veterans to work alongside its product engineers and scientists to build cloud capabilities that suit the needs of space exploration. “Our innovation areas include simulating space missions, discovering insights from satellite data, and fuelling innovation both on the ground and in orbit.

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